World’s End Club First Impressions

Over this past long weekend, I got enough free time to dig into some new games I had been saving. I started with Bioshock. A couple of months ago this 3-game trilogy was on deep discount in the Nintendo Eshop. For the same price and a little patience, I was able to get a hard copy of it from a seller on Ebay. I love a good hard copy game! I enjoyed my dive into this game series, but I’ll save that discussion for another post. Today, I wanted to talk about my time spent playing World’s End Club.

I came across the World’s End Club game purely by chance. I happened to log in to check for sales on my Wishlist games. Although there was no luck with that, the bright pink and kawaii art style caught my eye (naturally!), so I decided to check it out. World’s End Club retails for $39.99 USD however, there is a FREE DEMO, which is where my experience begins!

SPOILER ALERT! I will be talking about the introduction to this game. If you want to be 100% surprised, do NOT read!

When I tell you this game took me completely by surprised; I mean it! Don’t let the innocent character art fool you. The game immediately starts off with a twist. A classroom of kids chained to their desks undergoing, what looks like to me, a game of torture. If your’e familiar with the Saw series of horror films you’ll see where this is going. It turns out, you’re only watching a movie from the perspective of a bus full of kids who are on a field trip. Or is it?

A nuclear blast warps the bus load of kids into a bizarre, underwater theme park. They are met by a robotic (cute, but evil) ring leader named Pieolope. Begins this race to the death to award one classmate with the Master Key to freedom. Will they work together to get out of this mess or will they turn on each other to save their own skins?

It’s such a surprising story and the game is well executed! One false move and your story could come to an end. I greatly enjoyed the demo and I plan to purchase the game in the future. The mechanics are really easy and if you are interested in visual novels, the story and dialogue will keep you hooked. 🙂

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