Sebastian gets a makeover

I have been refraining from any frequent Instagram updates in regards to Bash’s dollie makeover, but I can’t contain my excitement any longer! Last month, I packed Bash up and shipped him off to the talented artist Pikkochan of Resin Junky. Thanks to the love and generosity of Reborn Daddy, I was able to afford a full body makeover for my dream BJD boy! This service is a birthday gift from my hubby. 🙂

I learned of Resin Junky a few years ago while browsing online and learning more about ball jointed dolls. I first came across her YouTube channel. On YouTube, she posts progress videos of her works and they are so fun to watch. Later, I learned that this artist is local and lives in Louisiana! It made me really happy to be able to support a local artist and small business. I got the pleasure of meeting Pikkochan this past Summer at Mechacon Convention in New Orleans. She is such a sweet soul! I felt comfortable in sending my doll to her and I was confident in her skills, for sure!

I was going to wait until Bash was completely done to share photos of him, but I can’t wait (I’m super excited!) Here are the progress shots the artists shared with me of Bash, from the past couple of weeks. What’s left to do now is finishing touches on the faceup, blushing of the limbs, manicure/pedicure, and his special tattoo! Once I have him back home, I will be posting my Artist Review of Resin Junky for anyone interested in BJD Faceup services.

Work In Progress

I won’t be showing you the work in progress photos from the very beginning; I’ll save that for my Artist Review video I plan to film! Here is what he looks like currently. Wow! I can’t believe this is even the same doll!

BEFORE the Resin Junky makeover
AFTER the Resin Junky makeover! (Work in progress)
AFTER Resin Junky makeover (Work in progress)
He was all white resin color before with no details at all! Now, look at him! XD

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