WIP Update & Baby Girl Name Ideas

What’s up dollie lovers πŸ™‚ Today I wanted to share more Work In Progress photos of my newest little addition. This baby girl is currently being created by artist Lauren Speech-Green of Pura Vida Babies. She’s so close to being done! All that is left is her rooted eyelashes and a sweet outfit to go home in. I can hardly wait!

Baby Girl First Names

Over the course of this reborn baby’s process, I have went back and forth over a few names. I thought I’d share them here today, incase you like any of these for your future reborn dolls as well! These are in no particular order.

Belen, Nayeli / Niaellie, Raquel, Rosella, Rosemarie, Viviana, Livi, Mika, Malka, Mallory, Melanie, Mina, Kyomi, Ananda, Blaire, Charis, Oxana, Sora, Samira, Sabra, Merci, Mila, Madigan, Ivory, Jacey, Janda, Jacinda, Karina, Rinada, Renilda, Raiden, Ramona, Nina, Kelby, Tana, Tillie, Thara, Tilda, Tila, Tori, Thursday, Tabitha, Tamia, Tallara, Tiffany, Tessa, Tevy, Adelia, Laurel, Zera, Zara, Wren, Blake

Baby Girl Middle Names

I usually like to keep middle names simple. Middle names that I have used for reborn babies before are: James, Michelle, Mei Ling, Mallory, and Geneva, Elisabeth, and Lacey.

Marie, Maria, Anna, Anne, Rose, Renee, Jane, Grace, Hope, Faith, Joy, Shay / Shea, Monique, Janelle, Lee / Leigh, Lane, Kate

Names I Am Considering

What do you think of these? Only time will tell! I think I will know for sure once I see her in person πŸ™‚

  • Cassidy
  • Racquel
  • Robyn
  • Mila

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