WIP: Keiko by Jorja Pigott (Pura Vida Babies)

In the last few reborn doll adoptions I wasn’t able to share any works in progress posts as they were ready-to-ship dolls. Today, I am able to showcase some progress with my newest baby! She/He is a custom vinyl reborn doll being created by my dear friend and talented reborn artist, Lauren Speech-Green of Pura Vida Babies!

Helpful Tip: Want to know more about Pura Vida Babies work? Read this Artist Review.

I have been holding on to this Keiko sculpt by Jorja Pigott since last year. I even attempted at selling it once my doll plans changed and Song Kai found a new home. Ultimately, I decided to keep the sculpt and have it reborn. As for now, I plan to keep her/him. 🙂 I am pretty excited for her/his arrival and I’ve already been browsing Nameberry for Japanese baby names.

Lauren started off her process with lots of mottling! This feature is one of my favorites from her style of painting. I am happy to be getting a lighter skin toned reborn doll this time, to better show off this realism technique.

Next, washes of color to bring more depth to the skin tone. I opted for a very light tan complexion.

This baby will have combination painted and rooted hair! I can’t wait to share more updates as the weeks pass on. Thank you so much to Lauren for sharing her talents with me 🙂

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