WIP and Baby Name Options

I have been having a tough time as of late with “adult” problems to deal with. One thing I love about the reborn doll hobby is that it gives my mind a break and allows me to settle on something joyous and easy-going when things get hectic and stressful. Lately, I have been enjoying the frequent updates Lauren (Pura Vida Babies) has been sending me on my newest reborn cutie.

This week, blushing and other details have been added. Next to come is the painting and combination rooted hair. I also opted for eyelashes on this custom. I very rarely see lashes on the Keiko sculpt by Jorja Pigott. So far, this one is leaning towards a boy gender, but I’d like it as a girl. I am hoping lashes can portray more girlie features in this doll so wish us luck!

Since I won’t be able decide the gender until the hair is complete, I have decided to research both boy and girl name options. I am portraying this reborn as a Japanese baby; therefore I wanted a name of that origin. Here are my picks along with a quick photo update! I just love that little smile 🙂

Out of these names, which is your favorite? I’ve already made up my mind on the girl option; just need a boy name to settle on (and middle names!) I can’t wait for the completed look.

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