Where To Buy Reborn Dolls in 2019

Hey dollie lovers! I get asked the question “Where do I buy reborn dolls from?” quite often. I have answered this question many times before, but as the years have gone on I found my answer slightly changing. In today’s post I wanted to talk about where you can purchase reborn dolls on the doll market today. If you want to hear the chat version of this post, check it out below.

When I first started collecting reborn dolls 11 years ago (*wew* That’s a long time!), the hot spot for finding reborn dolls and discovering new artists, was Ebay. Over the years, I find that dolls just aren’t being listed there for sale as first-choice pick for doll sales (that includes both second hand and brand new from the artist). Here are my top three places to buy great quality reborn dolls:


If you haven’t heard, is a website featuring all hand-crafted items. There are so many talented artisans around the world who create everything from jewelry to fine art and furniture, on Etsy. Now, they all can be featured on this website, making their reach for customers even wider. Over the years, reborn doll artists have taken to Etsy to easily create an online store, featuring their one of a kind dolls. Now, it’s as easy as typing in “reborn dolls” or “reborn toddlers” in the search bar on Etsy, and finding a wide assortment of dolls that are ready to ship, or made-to-order! My favorite part, is that you can view each shop’s reviews and ratings to see if a particular artist is right for you.

When it comes to layaway and payment plans, each doll artist has their own Payment Policies; so you’ll have to message the sellers to find out what your options are. All payments on Etsy are secure and you can use PayPal.


With the emerging of new reborn doll groups everyday, Facebook has quickly become one of the best places to find reborn dolls and reborn doll artists. No matter what kind of doll you’re looking for, whether it be fantasy or even silicone reborn dolls, you can find it in the reborn doll FB groups. Along with Etsy shops, the same artists have also expanded their reach and created business pages on Facebook. You can view photos/videos of their work, see reviews from customers and even message the artists directly on Facebook!

The second hand reborn doll market thrives on Facebook. There are even specific groups that are just for budget reborn dolls (I’m talking under $200 USD). Your best friend is to search for groups using “reborn dolls“. A good place to start would be Reborn Baby Addicts. Not only are these doll groups great for finding your next forever baby, but also great to make new friends in the community, find local doll collectors, and even learn about the art of making reborns.


Last, but certainly not least, is Instagram. Who knew this photo sharing app would be such a hit when it comes to the doll market. This goes for all kinds of dolls and sale types; not just reborn dolls. By searching the hashtags #reborndollforsale or #reborndoll4sale you can discover new artists and dolls being sold second hand from collectors. The only draw back is you will have to use your best judgement when purchasing from someone you do not know. I recommend always paying securely with PayPal Goods & Services ONLY! (NEVER Friends and Family).

Another nice tip, is that selling dolls on Instagram is just as easy as searching and buying dolls on Instagram! πŸ™‚ More on selling dolls in a later post.

That’s pretty much it for this post, y’all! I hope the information here has given you more direction on where to purchase your next dream reborn baby!

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