What My Family Thinks Of My Doll Hobby

Today’s post was inspired by questions I received for my recent Q&A Video with Reborn Daddy. Thank you so much to all of my Instagram followers who submitted questions; it was fun to answer them! 🙂

So, what does my family think of my Reborn, Blythes and BJDs? In general, they are OK or indifferent to it. For the most part, they are a loving and supportive toward me (and anything I am passionate about), so that is a blessing. I know not all doll collectors have that type of support system when it comes to things they enjoy. I am grateful!

My Family’s Thoughts

In terms of my close family being my Mom and Dad (RIP), they are loving and supportive. My Mom has always been my #1 Fan. She’s always supported my interests and helped cultivate any aspiring talents I may have had as a kid (like art!) No matter how different I was, she always made me feel like the world was big enough for my uniqueness…and it is! Mom has always liked my dolls and has often been my companion on public doll outings and shopping trips for doll clothes. She’s a legit Reborn Grandma. XD I moved out of the place we shared around the same time I started collecting Blythe and BJDs, however, I always bring a new dollie over to show her and she’s pretty much in awe of them all.

My Dad passed away 9-10 years ago, right when I first started collecting reborn dolls. He was always the life of the party and loved him a good joke; anything to make people laugh. He enjoyed showing off pictures of my dolls to coworkers to fool them! He even kept a picture of one of my dolls (along with his other family pics) on his truck’s dash board.  I’d like to think, he was pretty cool with my dolls. 😛

Now, for my big brother. He is 6 1/2 years older than me and quite the practical one. You know those questionnaires that give you the option of Don’t Like nor Dislike/Neutral option for an opinion? Yea, I’m sure that was made for my brother because he’s so unbothered by anything. I’m sure he has some type of an opinion, I just don’t know what it is. Although, he has always been amazed with the realism of my dolls; no real verdict on what he thinks of me collecting them.

My Fiance’s Thoughts

The reason for today’s chat topic is mainly because of my fiance, who I have deemed Reborn Daddy* on my YouTube channel. You can stay tuned on DollieLovex3 to see him talk about how he really feels about my reborn dolls and doll collecting in general! XD

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