What is a Reborn Doll Waffle?

My latest addition…Sage Elise! A baby adopted via Reborn Waffle. (Reborn by Amanda VanHutch of Milly’s Moon Nursery)

Hey friends 🙂 Today, I wanted to talk about Reborn Doll Waffles. What they are and the pros and cons for both the host and their participants. So, lets jump right in! 🙂

Waffle is a code word for “Raffle”

One thing to note straight away is that the term waffle is a code word for raffle. In today’s social media age of hashtags and algorithms, people are finding loopholes to discuss things that aren’t allowed on social platforms. Any form of gambling, giveaways, or raffles outside of the Facebook Marketplace (or on Instagram) are prohibited and not condoned by said platforms. However, users conduct these activities anyway! It’s up to your own personal comfort level if you want to participate or not.

How the waffle works

Like any raffle, there is a series of tickets being sold for your chance to win a high-priced and high quality item at an affordable cost. In this case, reborn doll artists and collectors looking to sell dolls from their collection, host Reborn Doll Waffles in select online spaces. The concept is to have a win-win situation for both participant and host. In doing this, the host of the waffle can gain their asking price for a doll!

Typically, reborn dolls are priced at $500-900 USD with prototypes being $1,000-1200 USD. I’ve also seen silicone reborn dolls and partial silicone dolls being waffled in the $1200-3,000 USD. These prices set the tone for ticket sales. The more tickets available, the cheaper each one can be. On the contrary, the less tickets available the higher each one is. It is average for tickets to cost $15-25 USD (at 20-35 stickers available total) if a host is wanting to earn $500-900 USD for their doll. Dolls are generally posted for 30 days to give interested people a chance to buy a ticket and enter. Once all tickets are sold, a live random drawing is held and the winner is selected!

Why people love reborn doll waffles

From a host/seller aspect, doll raffles allow you the chance to offer up a sought-after product and quickly find a buyer without holding layaways or dealing with time wasters. The host also can set their price and gain a better profit on their doll.

Participants enjoy the thrill of buying their ticket and taking their chance at luck! Who wouldn’t want to win the reborn doll of their dreams for merely $25 USD! If you wish, most waffles are open to participants purchasing more than one ticket per waffle to increase your chances of winning the random draw.

The issues with reborn doll waffles

As mentioned before, raffles are a form of gambling and are not supported by social media platforms. In doing so, sometimes Facebook can delete posts that they deem as not following the rules. Unfortunately, its common for a waffle posts in an FB groups to be spontaneously deleted..leaving the host and participants in a frenzy to get everything sorted. I highly recommend that both hosts and participants write down their entries so as to keep track of tickets, incase this happens. Other issues with waffles are:

  • Scams – Some people are downright dishonest online. This form of giveaway is liable for scams. Nevertheless, there are now stricter rules in Facebook groups to prove the legitimacy of the Host’s waffle. This can include photos and handwritten signs as proof of ownership.
  • Sore Losing – Wether you win or not, there is no refunds for tickets purchased. Some people feel it is unfair to buy a large portion of the tickets and still not win. It is a game of chance, after all.
  • Unfair Advantage – In some spaces, it may be observed that the same participants win repeatidly. This may seem unfair or like the program is rigged somehow; not encouraging those to continue to participate
  • The Wait – For both host and participants, the wait for all tickets to be sold can be a lengthy one; lasting 30 days or longer.
  • Technical Difficulties – It is a rule in most groups to conduct the drawing of the winner LIVE. This is done with a random name generator or number wheel. Unfortunately, many complications have arisen in recent groups resulting in re-draws where nobody ends up happy with the results.

My Personal Thoughts

Initially I thought the idea of reborn doll raffles sounded fun and fair for all involved. Nevertheless, after participating and being a member of the groups exclusive to doll raffles, my feelings have changed. Its just unfortunate how adults cannot conduct themselves in a courteous manner. I witnessed greed and dishonesty on all parts and after my participations I’ve decided to remove myself from the groups and buy dolls the old fashioned way. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to adopt this sweet chunky girl, Sage, but she will be my first and last waffle baby.

Overall I think it’d be great for individual collectors or doll artists to host their own doll waffles on their personal pages and social medias. The idea of having a dedicated group to this poses too many issues.

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