What are BJD Artist Dolls?

Update 06/27/20 Ultimately I have decided not to participate in the preorder of Danni, however I still await some pretty exciting dolls to come to my collection! I will leave this post live for educational purposes on Art Dolls.

Pictured here is artist/sculptor Rebekah Palmer (Rap1993)’s BJD “Danni” under the brand Resin Play Things.

Happy Friday eve, dollie lovers! This week was my first week back into the office after self-quarantine for the past three months. It has been a tiring week, but I do feel accomplished! The weekend is around the corner and as always, I await it with open arms. πŸ™‚ If you haven’t seen me as active on Instagram and YouTube, that has been why! This past March made one year for me as a BJD collector and I have learned a lot along the way! I wanted to share what I have learned with you, incase any of my doll friends would someday like to dip their toe in the pool of BJDs!

Today, I wanted to talk about What are BJD “Artist Dolls”? Or “art dolls” in the ball jointed doll hobby. From what I have learned, art dolls are a term used for BJD dolls that are sculpted and created by independent artists and then cast in resin (or other material) by an independent company. These differ from usual BJD dolls at they are not produced by in-house designers from a large manufacturer. Think of it as a collector supporting a local small business versus a large chain store. I really like the aspect of purchasing art dolls specifically, because I know exactly where my money is going and what it is used for.

When you buy art doll BJDs, your funds not only go towards the production of a beautiful and one-of-a-kind doll, you are also directly supporting an artist! Your funds allow for that artist to continue working towards their dreams and pay their bills in the meantime! This is not to say the same isn’t for large manufacturers, however, there is less “middle man” to deal with in art doll transactions and the funds are distributed more evenly.

Rap1993’s Danni BJD in the 2020 color offerings of Icy Mint, Hot Cocoa and Grape!

I am bringing up this topic even moreso because this year I hope to have my very first art doll! I am so excited. As a wedding gift from my lovely husband-to-be, I will be pre-ordering the Resin Play Things “Danni” art doll by Rebekah Palmer, formally known online as Rap1933. I have been following Rap’s work for a few years now as she is popular for her digital drawing designs of original characters. I adore her art style and aspire to be (even remotely) like her in my own art. Rap’s art dolls are very similar to the fun and flirty girl figures that she draws. They are often animal-human hybrids or mythical beings. The art doll Danni is a cute horned girl that can be any creature you imagine. I have also seen Rap produce a bunny figure (Ani and Mae) as well as a mouse girl (Poppy).

The pre-order takes place this June 30th with a limited number of dolls being made over three special resin colors: Icy Mint, Hot Cocoa, and my favorite Grape! It’s no surprise that I’d be interested in adding a purple/lavender doll to my growing BJD collection.

There are many other independent BJD artists out there, such as Popovy dolls by Lena and Katya Popovy (sisters) and Digi Dolls. As I learn about more independent artists that I fall in love with, I’ll be sure to share here on the blog!

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