Welcome Home, Robyn Cassidy!

Happy weekend, doll lovers!

I apologize for being so behind on updating the blog. As you know, the world has been in a state of pandemic with the virus of COVID-19 effecting everyone’s lives. My routines in life (along with many others) has changes; resulting in a lot of adjusting when it comes to schedules for work, family and free time. I will do my best to make my usual, weekly updates. I’ve missed posting here!

Robyn getting ready for her first visit from the Easter Bunny πŸ™‚

If you have been keeping up with my dollie family through Instagram and YouTube, you know that I have welcomed a new baby girl to my family. Robyn Cassidy is the LouLou sculpt by Joanna Kazmierczak and painted by artist Lauren Green of Pura Vida Babies! I fell in love with her tiny self instantly! (I say “tiny” since I have been used to big babies over the years being 6 months and older! Robyn is a newborn sized baby). As of this post, baby girl has been home with me for one week now! Wow, time passes so quickly.

I have been holding off doing a proper Photoshoot for Robyn. So for now, all of her photos have been taken indoors with my ring light, in the dollie room. When the weather (and my schedule) permits, I’ll be taking her outside for some natural sunlight! I have also been waiting on several packages to arrive that include special items like clothing, swaddles, personalized blanket and even a new baby nest for the nursery! I’m super excited to share this haul of goodies with you all once everything has arrived. πŸ™‚

In posts to come, you can look forward to my review of Pura Vida Babies nursery and a YouTube video going over Robyn Cassidy’s details.

Here are my favorite photos from Robyn’s first day home!

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