Welcome home, Mya Brielle!

Mya Brielle’s Unboxing Video (Filmed March 31, 2021 Thursday)

Happy (belated) Easter holiday 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I know I did, taking the weekend to enjoy my new dolls. Mya Brielle arrived in the mail on Thursday, but it wasn’t until the weekend I got a chance to do videos of her, take photos and snuggle. All of my friends and subscribers have fallen in love with Mya quickly and I can see why. She’s just the cutest thing!

Mya is the Realborn Ever sculpt by Bountiful Baby and reborn by artist Jennifer Lencavicks of IncredaBabies Art. You can check out her box opening here.

Quick photos of Mya’s first day home photos!

I am so amazed at the artist’s work and attention to detail in regards to the African American skin tone of a young baby. I can’t wait to do her details video; photos do not do her justice! I had lots of fun taking photos her this past weekend..especially with the new Moses basket!

Mya in her bunny printed outfit for Easter Sunday.

I am in love with this little one. A part of me is drawn to her beauty more-so because I feel like she has features that look like mine 🙂 Overall, she’s a joy to hold and is weighted to feel so realistic! I like everything about her and I am sure she will be a forever baby in my collection.

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