Welcome Home, Mila: A Reborn Adoption Story

Happy weekend, to you all! πŸ™‚

What better way to start off my weekend, than with the welcoming of a new reborn baby to my doll collection?! When the year started, I never expected to add more than one reborn babe to the bunch…Here it is April and I’ve gotten not one but two reborn baby girls in this month! I am so grateful I was able to do so.

I wanted to share a little background on how and why I adopted my newest little, who I have lovingly named, Mila Raquel. When I started my collection over in 2015, I vowed I wouldn’t collect any more ready-made dolls. All of my reborn baby additions have been custom made dolls (with the exception of any gifts!) Upon browsing Ebay I came across a doll listing I just couldn’t ignore. So, that is how that custom pact was broken Ha!

Mila is a special baby as she was made with the skin condition Infantile Hemangioma, or strawberry birth marks. I find it really important that all types of children are depicted when it comes to the art of reborning. It is very rare that you come across these types of dolls, in the sea of picture perfect looking reborn dolls. I’ve had a doll with a port wine stain birthmark over her for head/eye, before. I wanted her to be unique and original…to stand out from most reborn dolls I had seen. I am happy to have another unique reborn in my collection!

Over the years I have had a couple not-so-satisfactory experiences with reborn doll purchases and all of them were for dolls that I purchased already made (non-custom orders). I vowed I wouldn’t buy any more after that. I took the chance on Valerie’s artwork; after seeing the beautiful photos. I even browsed her Instagram page to find photos of this babe in natural sunlight…and she looked even more gorgeous. I can fully say, I am 100% happy with my purchase…and she was not a custom made-for-me doll. However, I do think she was meant to be with me πŸ™‚

Thank you, Valerie!

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