Welcome home, Mallory Nicole!

Happy July everyone πŸ™‚

Over the long holiday weekend I took time to relax and take some much needed time for myself. On Friday, I took a vacation day and spent it at the hair salon, getting box braids installed. Six or so hours later and I feel like a new woman! Box braids are probably my favorite Summertime hair style (or any time, really). Another thing I got to enjoy doing was loving on my new reborn toddler!

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram (@dollielovex3) you have seen quite a bit of change happening with my reborn doll collection. Earlier last week, I had the opportunity to adopt a dream reborn toddler. This doll has already had two previous owners so I never thought I’d have the chance to add her to my collection. Having a custom toddler commissioned wasn’t in the cards for me right now, either. So, I always admired her from afar. Recently, my sweet friend offered to adopt her to me from her personal collection and I immediately jumped on the chance. Having only one toddler sized doll in my collection is my goal at the moment, so that meant Song Kai needed a new home. I posted her for adoption on Instagram and many were interested; she sold within an hour! I was so happy that all fell together in time for me to bring this new girl home.

Welcome, Mallory Grace to my collection. She is the Adele sculpt by Ping Lau and reborned by The Pampered Stork Nursery. She is about 28″ long and wears Size 2 toddler shoes. Her clothing sizes vary, but 9-12M is the range. She’s absolutely beautiful with her gray eyes and silky soft meticulously rooted human hair. You can check out Mallory’s Box Opening video on my YouTube Channel πŸ™‚


Overall, I am so excited and happy to have her. I wasted no time in taking her to work with me and to visit my family members over the weekend. She has brought smiles wherever she could she not!


    • Hi Lincorya, I’m just a doll collector. I do not sell/make reborn dolls and none of my dolls are currently for sale.

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