DollieLovex3 YouTube content ideas for the year 2022.

January 2022

I’M BACK // a welcome back video discussing my four month long absence. A brief look ahead at the upcoming videos to expect (doll introductions, future doll plans, nursery updates art plugs and more). Posted: 1/28/22

END OF THE YEAR BJD TAG 2021 // a revamped BJD tag with personalized questions Posted: 1/31/22

February 2022

HAYDEN ROSE BLANKET REVEAL // introduction of Nino by Vincenzina Care sculpt to the channel. Details on the adoption process and my experience with Hazel and Blues Reborn Nursery for custom belly plate. Posted: 2/7/22

COURTNEY OUTFIT CHANGE // outfit change with Courtney London. Posted: 2/14/22

MALLORY’S OUTFIT CHANGE // outfit change with Mallory Nichole. Due Date: 2/16/22

MYA’S OUTFIT CHANGE // outfit change with Adrian Davis Posted: 2/21/22

BJD SIZE COMPARISON // an updated BJD size comparison of MSD and SD dolls. Due Date: TBD

March 2022

GOODBYE TO THE DOLL NURSERY // update on the revamp of my doll room and the new look to come. Plug for artwork and purchase avenues. Due Date: 3/7/22