The Farming Sim Video Game Frenzy

Ever since the debut of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020) on Nintendo Switch, game developers have been working pretty hard to push out their own version of the game. In this post I’ll go over a few of the popular farming simulation games that I’ve played as well as the new ones that I’m excited for that are debuting this month.

Farm Simulating Games

Castaway Paradise ($19.99 USD) // This game is due to release April 29th however, you can get an idea of the gameplay from YouTube. I checked out gamer Vixella (Sasha) for more info. Initially this is a mobile game that will be reformatted for console. It seems like a fun game to play, but it’s no Animal Crossing in my opinion. You play as a washed up new resident to an island that has been devastated by a storm. Your job is to aid in returning the island back to it’s former glory days as well as help villagers fulfill requests. The artwork style is lively and cute, but definitely reminds me of a mobile game.

Cozy Grove ($14.99 USD) // This game is headed for release in a short time.. April 8th! In this illustrated style game, you play as a forest guide to help lost souls in the wilderness (from what I’ve gathered of the gameplay by Kat of The Casual Gamer). If you’ve heard of the game Spiritfarer, this one seems similar, but with likenesses to Animal Crossing thrown in with elements of growing crops and crafting along the journey.

Littlewood ($14.99 USD) // If you’re a fan of Stardew Valley, you may enjoy this one as well. I find Littlewood to be a lot more beginner-friendly in terms of a game tutorial aspect in the beginning. Art style is a classic and colorful look reminiscent to Mario games. Farming simulation as well as dating simulation takes place in this game.

Stardew Valley ($14.99 USD) // I don’t have too much to report for Stardew Valley as I only got an hour in before I was fed-up with the game mechanics and artwork style. This game throws you right into the mix with no tutorial! Nevertheless, many players who have toughed through it have found it to be quite enjoyable with lively character personalities to uncover.

My Time at Portia ($29.99 USD) // A very nice and easy-on-the-eyes farm simulation. This game is relatively organized with it’s menus. Although no real tutorial takes place, it is fairly easy to pick up on the gameplay. The quests in the game to advance in the story and your abilities is fun. My only qualm is the lag and choppiness of the game, long loading screen time and odd graphic cross-overs.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town ($49.99 USD) // I will admit, ever since I purchased this game, ACNH hasn’t stood a chance. This adorably and well illustrated game gives you a lot to do (in what seems like a short amount of time!) Each day is filled with the tasks of managing your own farm and making the town of Olive better! You can farm, craft, mine, change your wardrobe and hair, as well as develop relationships with towns-people. Its been a fun game for me and I don’t see me getting bored with it soon.

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