Update: My Doll Collection 2021

In the last few weeks I have come to realize my extracurricular hobbies are taking up a lot of my funds that could go towards other things (and hobbies!) For the rest of the year I have committed to a no-buy in order to replenish savings and square away small debts. That includes no doll accessories, either! *pray for me*

Reborn Dolls

With the arrival of Emiko Yuna, I have completed all of my reborn doll plans…even the ones I hadn’t foreseen a completion for until 2022! With that being said, I have no excuse to continue adding to my reborn doll collection right now. I have seen at least one reborn doll sculpt I’d like, but even purchasing blank sculpts are off limits. With this plan, I am sure to be even more excited for a new reborn baby after a long hiatus from active collecting. It is also very likely I may be changing my doll nursery set up as well, by year’s end. So, having too large of a collection may pose an issue in storage and arrangement.

Ball Jointed Dolls

Overtime, I have finally figured out which ball jointed dolls I gravitate towards the most as well. With that being decided, I have opted to sell or gift the smaller dolls that I no longer want to keep. I have found that MSD and SD sized dolls are the right ones for me. Technically, I could do with out SD, but Sebastian is so handsome and I’d very much like to see him with a female companion in the future…so he stays!

Fashion Dolls

As for my fashion doll collection, I have opted to collect only Rainbow High dolls. Earlier in the year I parted ways with a quickly growing L.O.L. O.M.G. doll collection. I’ve also narrowed down my RH dolls to a limited number of original makes and having the rest of the first wave being custom made RH dolls. I have made tough decisions to only purchase the ones I really like, as opposed to trying to complete an entire line/collection of the releases. With luck, I may be able to add the new Wave 3 dolls to my doll crew but I am not holding my breath for that with the no-buy in place.

As things change with my collection I do my best to update the website to reflect it’s current state. So, doll profiles have been weeded down to the dolls I’d like displayed here. In short, these restrictions will allow me even bigger and better collection purchases in the far future. I am excited to see where my doll collecting hobby takes me in the next couple years to come. 🙂

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