Unboxing: Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Console

Happy weekend, Dollie lovers πŸ™‚ I’ve had my new Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch game console for about three weeks now, so I wanted to share my thoughts about it as well as the newly released game! Below, is a small unboxing of sorts of the game system that I posted on my YouTube Channel.

Nintendo Switch retails $299.99 USD (Nintendo Switch games range from $9.99- $59.99 each)

I was in love with my game console from the moment I saw the packaging. I had preordered mine through GameStop and picked it up, along with the AC themed carrying case on release day, Friday March 13th. It came in pristine condition with all components wrapped nicely. I plan on keeping the packaging ’cause it’s so cute! Setup was relatively easy and I was able to set my language and location for time. So far, startup of the system is fast and smooth, with menus and navigation easy. I haven’t had a game console since the 90s when I was in middle school so it took a bit of getting used to with the online access and setting up a Nintendo Account. Mr. Right helped me with that part! Now, I can navigate everything on my own.

I mainly purchased this system for handheld play, but the awesome thing about the Switch is that you can set it up to play through your TV or computer monitor. Theres three different ways to use the joy cons as a controller unit, too. And of course, you can play with friends/family! Although I am playing mainly handheld, I like the versatile options it has while still being portable. Storage space on the Switch leaves much to be desired. If you plan on downloading games digitally you will definitely need an SD card for more space. I recommend SanDisk Ultra PLUS 256 GB or larger. Don’t buy these on Amazon…for some reason they are fakes πŸ™ The battery life on here is quite nice and can last me 3-4hrs straight of game play before I need to fully recharge.

Overall, I really enjoy this game system and I can recommend it for those wanting to get back into gaming after a long hiatus. If you’re looking for something the whole family can share, this is nice as well without spending a whole lot.

What is Animal Crossing about?

Animal Crossing is a very relaxing single player building game, of sorts. In the New Horizons version, you have just moved to your own island with a couple of other’s interested in the island life. You start off with a tent and learn the basics of fishing, chopping wood, gathering natural materials to make things and more. Later on, your island will flourish with established shops and entertainment. You can also connect online to other Switch users and visit their island as well as share your island with friends. It’s a happy place that you can pretty much create and build how you want it to be. You earn two different styles of currency by doing tasks and activities around the island; you can purchase more items or buy trips to other remote places. It’s just pure fun!

On Friday March 20th, the actual Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game debuted. It seems every person who owns the Switch has decided to invest in this game; even those who didn’t have interest in it before! From what I’ve been hearing on Facebook gaming groups like Nintendo Switch Friend Codes Community, everyone is loving it.

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