Toy Haul: L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Dolls

I am back with another fun toy haul! Today, I am showing you all my recent L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Fashion Doll purchases. I was smitten with these outrageous millennial girls when they first hit the scene, but couldn’t keep up with their many releases. Over time, I forgot about them and somehow found my way back to being in love with them. Shoutout to my friend Lucy Hellsing for helping me narrow down a doll list of U.S.A. releases…I think I have it figured out now.

Check out Elvira at The Doll Circle on YouTube reviewing/unboxing Roller Chick!

The dolls I am showcasing today are from the Lights Series, Series #2 and Series #3 (the most recent in the core series). I only picked up my favorites from each series, so they may not be complete collections.

O.M.G. Lights Series

  • Dazzle – A neon pink, orange and yellow themed girl with throwback textured clothing and funky makeup and hair.
  • Groovy Babe – A black and white color schemed girl, covered in graphic bold prints.
  • Speedster – A cute neon themed girl, complete with 70’s-80’s hair and fashion. (Yes, Gogo boots!)

O.M.G. Series #2

  • Candylicious – If I was a doll, she would be it! This pastel themed girl reminds me of all things kawaii and Japanese fashion!
  • Busy B.B. – American pride and reference shows through with this girl taking after the World War II female icon Rosie the Riveter.

O.M.G. Series #3

  • Chillax – A girl giving Sporty Spice girl vibes with her electric blue twin buns and athletic wear street style.
  • Class Prez – A smart cutie, giving Brittny Spears school girl vibes with her fire engine red curls and adorable knee high socks.
  • Roller Chick – A skate rink rat who’s groovy on wheels! She’s definitely down with the disco jam skate scene with her vibrant outfits and lively magenta hair.
  • Da Boss – A fiercely dressed diva giving obvious Queen Bee (Beyonce) vibes with her big coils afro textured, honey blonde highlighted hair.

I had originally only planned to have one doll from Series #3; Roller Chick. Since I have been all about learning how to skate the last few weeks, she definitely struck a cord in my heart. After watching more unboxing videos and reviews of these dolls, I fell pretty hard for the rest of the Series (and the whole line in general!)

The neat thing about this doll series is that they come with a lot of accessories and doll fashions; 20 Surprises! I am new to the idea of blind boxes and surprise doll shopping, but it has been fun for the most part. I do my research before I make a purchase. This may seem like spoiling the surprise for some, but I like to know what I am paying for! However, for girls who are younger this may be the perfect gift. I am considering getting these for my niece for her upcoming 7th birthday.

What do you think of these fashion dolls? I’ll be sharing a review, more photos and my thoughts later next month!

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