Toy Haul: KindiKids and Rainbow High Dolls

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

Over the weekend I did a bit of retail therapy and enjoyed spending time browsing the toy aisles of my local Wal-Mart and Target stores. Checking out all the cool fashion dolls and play sets that are available now is always fun for me. I don’t do this too often, so it was a real treat. Naturally, I did not leave the store empty-handed!

Rainbow High Dolls by MGA Toys

Originally, I saw a Blythe collector friend’s post on Instagram (Thanks @the_land_of_tears! ) that sparked my interest..a new line of fashion dolls by MGA Toys called Rainbow High dolls. I immediately fell in love with this colorful concept and the highly detailed outfits that come along with them. After a bit of research, I hopped in the car to visit my nearest Wal-Mart and Target to see what I could find. As luck would have it, I found: Ruby (Red), Sunny (Yellow) and Violet (Purple). Sunny captivated me first, as she reminds me so much of the anime character, Sailor Moon. In the future, I plan to collect a second set that I can open and play with! I’ll do a review once I do. πŸ™‚ For now, these plan to stay in pristine boxed condition. Who knows how much they may be worth years from now!

KindiKids Snacktime Friends by Moose Toys

Pictured: Marsha Mello, Summer Peaches, and Mysta Bella …what adorable names!

While I was out running behind the rainbow..I was also reminded of my fondness for the KindiKids dolls! These released some time last year, but I held back from purchasing. I am not sure why (other than space at the time), but I decided to go for it! They are just super kawaii and remind me a lot of my favorite style of character drawing in digital art. After watching several YouTube reviews and unboxing videos, I’ve decided it would be worth it to get the play sets that go along with these girlies. I haven’t quite decided if they are coming out of their boxes just yet. The packaging is so cute, too!

I am on the hunt to get the others in this class of students: Cindy Pops, Donatina, Rainbow Kate, Jessicake, and Peppa-Mint

I’ll be sharing a video about my haul on YouTube soon, a long with an unboxing of Sunny from Rainbow High, soon! I can’t wait to collect the rest of these πŸ™‚

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