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Happy Monday, doll friends 🙂

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week. Recently, I’ve gotten much interest and commentary on my last post discussing my first experience with I thought I’d revisit this topic and share my tips for shopping on this website.

DISCLAIMER – This post is not to be intended as a user-guide for navigating the website This post is to help you determine the authenticity and legitimacy of a purchase or seller, before you buy! These are only my opinions and personal methods I use when buying reborn dolls online.

In total, I have used to find my next collection addition, a total of two times. My first experience, I purchased from a reborn doll artist. With my second shopping experience, I purchased a doll second-hand from another collector who has a profile on

Things To Know About

  • Not all sellers are reborn doll artists. Reborn doll collectors have opted to use this website to also sell dolls from their collections, second-hand. The website allows you to filter your search with “pre-loved” dolls and new.
  • Not all dolls featured are new. As mentioned previously, sellers can offer dolls for sale from their collection second-hand.
  • Not all listings are ready-to-ship. On some occasions you may find listings by reborn doll artists that are a fee for a custom made-to-order reborn doll. The photos are simply showing you the possibilities and options you have to choose from. Be sure to read the description of each listing carefully, so you know what you are buying.

Tip #1 Use The Search Features

If you’re new to the reborn doll hobby, you may be overwhelmed with all the options of dolls you have when you land on the website. I understand that not everyone knows what kind of reborn they want right from the start. However, I recommend having some sort of preference when it comes to your budget and what you’d like to spend. By using the search options on the right side of the website, you can narrow the list down to find what you’re looking for.

Tip #2 Do Your Research

Often I am asked about how to tell the legitimacy of a seller to avoid scams. Honestly, when you shop for anything online you are taking a risk! However, I can share the methods I use to prepare for a doll purchase.

Read The Artist’s Description – Most pages feature a short bio or description about their nursery. You can get an idea of what an artist is like by reading these! On this page, you can also view all of the available dolls for sale by this seller. In this example, Whistlebeans Babies states that she is a doll collector who sells dolls from her collection second-hand. This is who I purchased Hayden from!

Visit Social Media Links – Often times, reborn doll artists will have more links online and other sources for viewing their work. Be on the look out for a Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube channel account you can view. Sometimes more photos or videos of the doll you want to purchase are featured on their social media pages. In this example, Bonnet Babies Nursery had an Instagram page that I visited to see more of her work. I enjoy seeing the videos she posts of her dolls for sale!

Tip #3 Contact The Seller For More Info

Any artist or collector that is selling a doll should be open and willing to answer your questions. Be weary of anyone who isn’t! If you have a specific question about a doll purchase that is not already mentioned in the doll description, or expressed in photographs, you (as a buyer) have the right to ask about it! You can request more photos or inquiries about the certificate of authenticity, if you wish. has a messaging feature set up on the website for convenience.

These are my tips for shopping on and having a safe shopping experience! If you feel uneasy about the communication with a seller, or the photos being shown don’t “seem right”, listen to your gutt feeling and DO NOT BUY. So far, the owners and web managers of go through great lengths to insure all sellers are authentic; allowing for a safe dollie market to shop in! I hope this helps 🙂

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