Summer 2022 Lookbook with Mallory

Update: Since the creation of this post, Mallory has sense left my collection and found herself a new home! I still wanted to share these looks though, because her pictures came out so cute 🙂

Summertime is not my favorite when it comes to scorching Louisiana temperatures or Hurricane season, but it tops the rest when it comes to reborn baby fashion! My favorite style of clothing to dress my dolls in has to be the threads fit for summer time. I enjoy the bright bold patterns, colors and fun styles. Having a reborn toddler doll in my collection allows for me to have even more option, too. I have grown quite the little shoe collection for Mallory over the last month or so she’s been in my doll family.

Today I wanted to share my favorite outfits for Mallory. As the months go on I plan to do more posts like these; featuring Carter’s brand as it is one of my favorites. Think of it as a reborn doll version of POLYVORE (does anyone remember that website?!)

I S L A N D fashion // This first set of clothing reminds me of the beach, tropical places and vacation of course! I do admire all the reborn mommas who live near the water and share their doll photography from sandy shores. 🙂 This is as close as Mallory is going to get to island paradise for the moment, but I am happy with that. I’ve taken to the earthy tones of olive green, camel brown and mustard yellow as well! The bright pops of color like yellow and red also bring together this tropical look.


F R U I T Y fashion // The fruity print theme hit the baby market at least two years ago, but it hasn’t lost least not with me! I am enjoying seeing more big, bold and fun fruit prints. My favorites lately are lemon, pear and watermelon. I got lucky with finding a complete look for Mallory with fruity themed shoes to match!

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