Welcome to the Dollie-Love Stories part of my website! In this space, you can find character profiles and the on-going tales of my BJD doll collection. It’s common for ball jointed doll collectors to create a backstory and world for their doll characters, so I thought I would do the same for mine as well. I hope you enjoy! The story is continuously a Work In Progress, so check back often for updates and add-ons.

Disclaimer | None of what is discussed in any portion of my stories are depicted from real-life people or events. Places are a mix between real-life locations and fictional ones. My story is not intentionally based on any pre-existing novel, movie, TV Show, screenplay, memoir or musical composition.


In a dark forest of the forgotten town of Blackstone, Massachusetts, lies the connection between reality and mysticism. This is the tale of three young adults and their dive into an unexpected adventure; one of friendship, love, and self-discovery.

Yoko Kitagawa, is an 18-year-old Korean American high schooler, who discovers an intriguing piece of literature that unlocks a world all it’s own. As she uncovers mysterious pieces of Blackstone’s past, she learns more about her hometown, her friends and even herself.

Meet The Characters

YOKO KITAGAWA is a studious and soft spoken 18-year-old high school senior. At the head of her class, she excels in most areas, but her favorite is Literature and Creative writing. Her favorite pastimes of reading and writing are what most teenagers deem as “a waste of time”; leaving her pretty solitaire, aside from her study group companions. Yoko chooses to pine away over her favorite fictional characters and live life vicariously through their stories. Amongst the endless rows of library books, Yoko loses herself…or does she find out who she truly is?

TOBIAS (TOBY) EDWARDS 18-year-old Toby is a shy and contemplative art enthusiast; the senior class’s well-liked (but rarely understood) odd ball. When he’s not getting messy behind a canvas and acrylic paints, he enjoys playing video games and creating his own graphic novels. He copes with the strange reality of his family lineage, by making his own stories with his ideal vision of a perfect family, life, and even…a girlfriend? Self expression is very important to Toby, wether it be through his dark fashion sense and body mods, or just being able to share an old-fashioned, handwritten letter with a friend. An empath, by nature, he gets a long with most people he encounters, simply by being able to empathize with them and have compassion..or is it a something else?

RIFKA ST. CLARE A head strong and scholastically competitive young woman, the 19-year-old Senior Class President, reigns supreme over her classmates. Despite her blunt nature and matter-of-fact attitude, she is soft at heart and, secretly, a hopeless romantic. When she isn’t fawning over the latest romance novel she spends her free time volunteering at the local women’s shelter and giving graciously to those in need. Her stern and religious upbringing may encourage her to remain disciplined in her studies and her life, but what does she truly want?

SEBASTIAN YOSHIRO is an introverted homebody and horror film addict. Bash is older half-brother to Tobias. (and an influence to Toby’s artistic moody demeanor…) Despite them being half siblings, the two bothers are quite close. Bash works as a Comic Illustrator in Florida, bringing to life story teller’s most chilling characters and bizarre monsters through art. When he isn’t working (can you call researching and watching horror movies “work’?), he is often found writing and brainstorming stories of his own. Bash keeps in touch with Toby long distance as he often travels between the USA and Japan.