Spooky Games Wishlist October 2021

With everything going on in my personal life, I welcome the distraction of my Nintendo Switch video games. I’ve relied heavily on this device in the last year to help keep me calm and give me a break from the world’s troubles. Dare I say video gaming has been therapeutic and a part of my self-care routine? 🙂 Since it’s October, I thought I’d share some games that are on my wishlist. These seem like so much fun after watching reviews and gameplay from some of my favorite game-Tubers on YouTube. I’ll also go over some of my non-spooky games, too for this month (like the awesome new updates coming for Animal Crossing New Horizons).

Darksiders III ($39.99 USD) // Part three of the Darksiders series is soon to release. I’ve never played any of this title before, but it gives me Bayonetta vibes and I am all for that! The premise of this hack-and-slash Action Adventure is to rid this apocalyptic world of the Seven Deadly Sins. You play as one of the four horseman; in this instillation you’re Fury. I heard that the Switch port for this game has some inconsistencies with frame rates stalling, but even with the negatives I still want to play it. Since I am not hardcore gaming on PC, I probably won’t tell a difference in the quality.

Graveyard Keeper ($19.99 USD) // This title reminds me so much of Stardew Valley in its art style and mechanics, accept here you’re a gravekeeper! You mind and collect macabre type items in this cemetery management simulation game. Perfect for Spooky Season!

Kawaii Deathu Desu ($4.99 USD) // This game’s concept is so wild and weird I couldn’t resist wanting to try it. You play as a supernatural being incarnated as an entertainment idol! To become the reigning figure of the underworld, your job is to collect as many souls as you can from your adoring fans. This title is labeled as a fast paced beat ’em up type game.

Trigger Witch ($14.99 USD) // The concept and storyline of this game pulled me right in; paired with it’s cute aesthetic art style. I didn’t realize this before buying, but it’s a twin-stick action game. This is my first try at this type of game and my coordination is terrible, but I hope to get the hang of it to better enjoy the game. Aiming, shooting and navigating is clearly not my strong suit.

Uchu Shinshuchu ($8.00 USD) // A 51 stage platform game where your job is to charm the aliens with a kiss! Befriend as many aliens as you can with your kiss to build your army and make them a part of your team to save humanity. It sounds so funny and cute but after watching gameplay of this one, it really does look challenging.

Non-Spooky Wishlist Titles for October

Weaving Tides ($24.99 USD) // I saw this title being demo’d by my favorite gaming YouTuber, The Casual Gamer. You play as the adoptive son of a clan of creatures who’s special powers are weaving. You do tasks for the villagers as well as defend the city against evil attack with your weaving skills and magic abilities. The storyline sounded pretty intriguing (and reminds me of Shantae Half Genie Hero) and the gameplay skills are definitely something different I’ve not seen before!

Animal Crossing New Horizons ($59.99) // My favorite farm-sim type game is finally getting the updates and DLC that it deserves; Animal Crossing New Horizons! Last week, Nintendo announced in its ACNH Nintendo Direct update that this game would be bringing on cute new villagers, fun features, and even paid downloadable content! Since 2020, ACNH has seen a decline in player engagement. All of our island homes have developed roaches and the majority of our villagers have been counting the months we’ve been away. With this new update, we can expect a new surge of inspiration to want to play the game again. I remember first being introduced to the Animal Crossing franchise with the Happy Home Designer game on Nintendo 3DS. I’m so excited that they have revamped it and made it into an expansion of the main game. November 5th can’t come fast enough!

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