September 2019 Dollie News and Updates

Hey Dollie Lovers!

Today I wanted to talk about what’s been going on with my doll collection. If you follow me on Instagram (@dollielovex3), I am sure you have noticed my sales posts as well as the coming-and-going of dolls. What’s up with all of the changes? Well, let’s talk!

Let’s Talk Ball Jointed Dolls

For starters, my interest in ball jointed dolls grows more and more each day. I have really been enjoying this hobby and learning more about it. With the interaction of Den of Angels being a large part of my enjoyment, I have been gravitating towards BJDs more. (Oh! If you checked out my Making Temporary BJD Eyes post, I am happy to announce that I was selected as one of the winners of the contest! Yay! I can’t wait to get my MeHiArt eyes in the mail). With that being said, I’ve given a lot of thought to my collection, the Story that I am writing for my dolls and what kind of dolls I like and will work well for my character development. I update my Wishlist frequently, but for now the majority of the dolls I want match the characters that I am building for them; so I am happy with that progress. In doing so, I have sold Miyoami, one of my first BJDs.

MYOU 1/4 Delia – Miyoami

In all honesty, Miyoami was an impulse buy πŸ™ After I discovered that there were USA dealers with in-stock BJDs, I couldn’t resist the idea of purchasing one and being able to enjoy it right away. I waited about 3 months for Yoko to arrive, but once she did she truly was my ideal dream of what I wanted my first BJD to be. Miyoami didn’t get as much love after that. I’m glad she went off to a loving new home (and to a collector who loves and adores the MYOU doll brand; which was what Miyoami was). I’ve learned a lot about myself and my tastes in this hobby from the experience, so I regret nothing. I do know for now, I am a die-hard LUTS doll fan πŸ˜›

LUTS Senior Delf Loid

Now that Miyoami was gone, the funds could be used to invest in a new doll. My intentions was to save up for a LUTS Senior65 Delf Gray; which would be a long was off. The estimated cost for him, a full outfit and shipping from Korea would be well over $600 USD. I was content to wait and save, though. Somehow, I ended up browsing larger dolls on the DoA forum’s Marketplace and found my perfect boy, for almost half the price ❗ Ultimately, I wanted my dream BJD boy to have a stern glare with a smoky smoldering face up, and this sculpt had it. Well, the rest was history and now I am the proud new owner of a LUTS Senior Delf Loid. πŸ˜› In the future, I will discuss more about him, like his fashion style, personality, and name reveal. I’m excited!

Let’s Talk Reborn Dolls

Although I have been paying more attention to my BJDs, my love for reborn dolls has not relaxed. Believe it or not, I am expecting two new babies before winter holiday! I am blessed to be able to work with reborn artists to advertise their business my reviewing their work and sharing it with the reborn community on YouTube. In turn, I get to experience new dolls without the stress of worrying how to pay for it. I am expecting one surprise reborn doll for review from Crystal Fonville of 4EverBabyReborns and one art trade reborn toddler from Mary Kate McCormack of Hill Country Reborns. (Mary Kate is the artist of my precious Tuesday Elisabeth, as well). I have also been communicating with Lauren Green from Pura Vida Babies on an advertising agreement; her work is so beautiful and versatile! I have lots to look forward to as the year closes and my birthday grows nearer.

I’ll talk more about these dolls in the future as the time gets closer to receive them. πŸ™‚

Let’s Talk Blythe Dolls

Ah, my beloved big-head babies πŸ˜› These dollies haven’t gotten much attention in my collection as of late. In fact, they are currently displayed on a shelf in my closet. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me post sales ads for them recently. I go back and forth over wether I want to keep them; only because I haven’t been devoting as much time to this part of my doll hobby. Only time will tell!

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