Review: Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls

I have been in a shopping frenzy purchasing all the cute new dolls that are featured on store aisles, lately. Today, I wanted to share my experience with you about the Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls by MGA Toys. You can find these dolls for retail price around $20 USD in stores like Wal-Mart, Target and online with Amazon.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls are soft cloth stuffed dolls with printed facial features and printed undergarments (or bathing suit!) Each doll has silky soft synthetic fiber hair that is attached to a fuzzy animal character hat that matches their overall theme. The dolls in each series represent an animal and come with their own name, birthday, and a catch phrase or saying that is printed on their collector tag. Along with each doll, comes one outfit, a pair of shoes, and plush keychain “pom” that matches their animal character. These dolls released in 2019 and have been popular ever since, along with MGA Toy’s other surprise toy goodies, like L.O.L. Surprise collectibles, Poopsie Rainbow Surprise, and more.

I am not certain if there is a release schedule for these dolls, but each Series comes with six (6) characters you can collect. Currently, Series 2 is in stores, with Series 3 close to follow and available online. If you love a toy hunt, you can even find one or two dolls being sold from the coming Series 4 online! Below is are the collector’s guides for current series and a list of doll’s a names to come for Series 4.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series’

Series 1 Collection

  • Minna Moody – Sheep
  • CJ Cuddles – Tiger
  • Britney Sparkles – Unicorn
  • Sarah snuggles – Bear
  • Aubrey Heart – Bunny
  • Roxie Foxy – Fox

Series 2 Collection

  • Katherine Whiskers – Cat
  • Michael Manchester – Dog
  • Nina Nanners – Monkey
  • Aspen Fluff – Bunny
  • Misha Mouse – Mouse
  • Tuesday Meow – Cat

Series 3 Collection

  • Annabelle Mooshe – Cow
  • Jeremy Hops – Bunny
  • Dottie DeMil – Dog (Dalmatian)
  • Fifi Le’Fluff – Dog (Poodle)
  • Jannel Jaguar – Jaguar
  • Sasha Scratch – Cat

Series 4 Collection

  • Paula Perfect – Cat
  • Juli Joyful – Panda
  • Bianca Bengal – Tiger
  • Melanie Mod – Bunny
  • Tommy Toro – Bull
  • Bebe Groovy – Bunny

My unboxing of the new 11″ Na! Na! Na! Surprise doll 🙂


The major selling point for these items is the unboxing experience. With toy collectors being more vocal on platforms like YouTube, having a show of unpacking your new toy item is supposed to be fun! This is played up with bright foil balloon packaging that must be inflated and popped to reveal your doll and “surprises”. Once the balloon is popped, bunny and bear shaped confetti rains out! Although these dolls are not 100% a blind buy, each clothing and shoe item is individually wrapped in surprise bags.

I really enjoy the unboxing experience, even though the confetti can be a pain to clean up. You can always opt to skip the party-in-a-bag and cut your balloon open with scissors; mess-free. The plastic shell covering that holds the balloon is cute, but will most likely get destroyed upon opening and doesn’t serve any reuse purposes.

I will say though, the best thing about the packaging is that each doll box has it’s own symbol. So you don’t have to waste money blind shopping to collect them all or end up with duplicates!

The Doll + Accessories

This doll is super cute and gives me nostalgic vibes from the days of the original cloth Cabbage Patch and Raggedy Ann dolls. The printed on undergarment fashions are super cute, colorful and detailed. The doll itself seems to be great quality with weight to it, despite it’s small size (about 5-6 inches) The arms and legs have motion at the hip and shoulder and the head can be turned side-to-side. The hair and hat are both pretty, but sadly both are attached to the dolls had and not intended for removal or swapping with other dolls.

Each doll comes with an outfit and shoes. The outfits, despite being so tiny, have so much details! Simulated buttons, little collars, ruffled sleeves and ribbon ties accent the pieces. I really like how the shoes fit and actually stay on.

Rating: 5/5

Overall, I really enjoyed these dolls from the packaging to the items inside. I think it is worth the asking price, however, I feel a lot of the cost is due to packaging. I’d enjoy a more affordable price point with simply designed packaging (and less waste!); especially if you are a collector and want them all. If you purchase each at regular retail value, you’re spending $120 USD + tax for the whole series. This adds up very quickly and I know a lot of families may not be able to “collect them all” for their kids right now.

Currently Series 1 in marked half off ($9.99 USD each!) on clearance at BestBuy stores, so I highly recommend checking your local BestBuy to see if any are in stock!

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