Review: KindiKids Snacktime Friends Summer Peaches

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Hey dollie lovers! I don’t think I have ever done a review on a toy here before, so this is a day for firsts! A lot of friends and followers on Instagram and Facebook have found my new collection of KindiKids dolls quite adorable. I wanted to put out a review on these dolls and give you my honest opinion. Are the KindiKid line of dolls worth your investment? Keep reading to find out!

The KindiKid line of dolls and play sets were created and debuted in 2019 by Moose Toys. This bright, colorful and happy line of toys are targeted at Pre-School ages 3+, but clearly collectors young and old have enjoyed them. If you are familiar with Shopkins, these dolls are a new take on their small and cute Shoppies characters; now brought to life in toddler size! The KindiKids also have their own animated series, featuring adventures in their kindergarten class, Rainbow Kindi! The series can be viewed on the Kindi Kids YouTube channel. These cuties’ concept is all about kindness and making friends.

There are three lines of KindiKids dolls on the market currently: Snack Time Friends, Fun Time Friends, and Dress Up. Today, I am reviewing Snack Time Friends doll Summer Peaches. I purchased her from Walmart for $22.99 USD + tax. These are also sold at Target stores for $1-2 more.


The packaging for the KindiKids dolls is very cute with a pastel color scheme of teal, purple, pink and blues. The box features star shaped cut out windows on the sides and top. More recent productions of this box have skipped the cut outs and only opted for one large cloud shaped window on the front, so yours may vary. The back features colorful photos of the doll inside, with little blurbs about fun details of the doll and its contents.

Doll + Accessories

Each 10″ inch KindiKid Snack Time Friends doll comes with two items known as magical shopkins. These items are a special edition of shopkin toys with some having interactive features. Summer Peaches comes with a cute orange popsicle and a peach milkshake. The popsicle has a cutout on the back to allow for it to be placed into your doll’s hand. The milkshake features liquid inside, representing milk, along with pretend peach slices and ice cubes.

Every KindiKid doll also comes with an outfit, shoes and a hair accessory that are all secured on with clear rubber bands.

Rating: 5/5

I am completely surprised by these dolls! Often times, with play toys today, they are very pretty in the box, but lack in quality once taken out. With the KindiKids dolls, no detail is over looked. The doll is a very good size for the price point, made from quality plastics. I am a big fan of dolls that have weight to them. The clothing item pieces, although made from thin material, do seem durable and slightly water resistant. The hair rooting on these dolls is great; no skimpy strands but a thick full head of hair! Despite the hair being synthetic, it is super soft. The interactive shopkin items are super cute as well and make great accessories for playing with your doll. My only disagreement is the fact that these have bobblehead feature. However, the ‘bobble’ isn’t wild or odd for the size of the doll and doesn’t deter me from purchasing more.

Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase and think the value far exceeds the price point! I honestly cannot wait to collect (and unbox!) each one.


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