Review: IamSunnie BJD Clothing Shop on Etsy

This weekend was filled with lots of house cleaning and running errands, but I am glad I got the chance to play a little dollie dress up with Miyoami. What made it more fun, was that my order from IamSunnie made it’s way home! Yay! I came across this shop on Etsy in my initial search for BJD clothing that would fit my girl and her in-between size. I was so happy when I found this shop!

IamSunnie has been in business for quite awhile. From the looks of her customer reviews, I’ve learned that she (or he) sold their BJD clothing creations through the popular web forum Den of Angels, a hang out for BJD collectors and doll artists. Now, they have an Etsy shop! IamSunnie shop is located in China with made-to-order dresses, stockings, socks and wigs. Sizes range from YoSD to SD.

As indicated on the sales listings, production time prior to shipment was 2-3 weeks with shipping to the USA being 1-2 weeks. I placed my order on March 22nd and received it on April 26th, so I would say the timing is accurate. My purchase was definitely worth the wait.

One thing I love about this shop, is the style of clothing. Finding Lolita styled clothing in doll size (that’s good quality) can be a challenge. IamSunnie makes it easy with super sweet Lolita styles as well as country/classic styles and even gothic. What’s the best part? The price! IamSunnie dresses range from $9 USD – $13 USD each with all stockings and lacey socks under $1. The shop also offers other accessories like plush bunny style hats, doll carriers and petticoat bustles for under the dresses. If you have done even the slightest bit of online shopping for BJD clothing, you know they are just as pricey as adult clothes. This shop has great quality items for very affordable prices, the only trade off is a wait time.

Miyoami had her first dress up video recently and she is sporting one of IamSunnie‘s beautiful dress designs. I wasted no time in ordering more and will do a collection video of her items next month, once they arrive!

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