Understanding BJD Sizes

The first thing you will discover when joining the Ball Jointed doll hobby, is that they come in a few different size categories. Learning each size can be overwhelming at times (it was for me), but I hope this guide can help!

One fact to take into consideration is that all of these size categories are approximations and may be slightly larger or smaller between each company’s dolls. The originator of resin BJD, Volks, set the standard for each size category. Today, these general size names are used between all companies and within the community as general term referred to a certain size doll. You will also find, when visiting other companies they have their own terms for these size categories (Example: LUTS brand names their BJD sizes Honey Delf, Kid Delf, Delf, and Senior Delf)

YoSD Size

YoSD originally stands for “Young Super Dollfie”. The term yo is derived from the Japanese word meaning infant. The term dollfie was referred to Volks ball jointed dolls, but these names are now used to define any company’s ball jointed doll and their size. YoSD dolls represent baby and child like features, with more rounded and sweet faces. YoSD dolls are 1/6 scale and range from 26-30 cm (10-12 in).

MSD Size

MSD originally stands for “Mini Super Dollfie”. These dolls are more mature than YoSD and are intended to represent preteen and teenage characteristics. Bodies are more defined with girls having varying bust sizes and boys with muscles. MSD dolls are 1/4 scale and range from 40-43 cm (15-17 in).

SD Size

SD stands for “Super Dollfie”. Dolls in this category are seen as adult, with full figured female and male bodies and having older facial features. SD dolls are 1/3 scale and range from 50-70 cm (19-28 in).

BJD Clothing Sizes

Now that you have an understanding of BJD doll sizes, you can take what you’ve learned…and go shopping! Once you have become familiar with your doll’s measurements, shopping for clothing and shoes that will fit is easier. Don’t forget, all BJD measurements are in centimeters. I use this handy online Inches To Centimeters converter when I want to know both measurements.

On all BJD doll websites, the seller will post photos of the doll nude with measurements. Measurements will cover the overall height of the doll and measurements for arms, legs, neck, wrist/ankle, head circumference and eye measurements. It is best to know these individual sizes to match up to sizes for clothing. Pictured above is the body type example for my MYOU 1/4 Delia and her measurements.

I advise not to neglect learning your doll’s measurements and having the list on hand. When purchasing shoes, even a half centimeter can be the difference of having the perfect fit and your doll wearing clown shoes 😀 Trust me, I know.