Reborn Dolls F.A.Q

It wouldn’t be a Dollie Love Resource Center without answering the most asked questions about reborn doll collecting. So, here are your questions answered!

Q:Do you have any reborn dolls for sale? Can I buy your reborn doll?

A: Unless stated otherwise, none of my reborn dolls are for sale.

QHow much do reborn dolls cost?

A: Reborn dolls can range anywhere from $200 to well over $2,000 USD. You are paying for a OOAK (One of A Kind) hand crafted collectible doll, that cannot be found anywhere else other than from the hands of the artist. The quality and craftsmanship vary with each doll and so does the prices.

Q: How much did YOUR reborn dolls cost?

A: These are the amounts that I paid for each one of my reborn dolls (currently in my collection): Tehya ~ $750 USD, Truett ~ $990 USD, Trace ~ Gifted, Trevor ~ $500, Tabitha ~ Gifted

QWhy do reborn dolls cost so much?

A: Reborn dolls take a lot of time and supplies to create. If you want the best quality doll, you will most likely be paying for the best materials possible. The sculpts, paints, specialty hair, glass eyes, weighting materials and the artist’s time all come at a price. Reborn doll artists have families to take care of as well. It is not just a hobby for them, but a job that requires income to live.

QWhat is a custom reborn doll?

A: a custom reborn doll is an order placed with an artist for your desired doll sculpt painted to your specifications. You are allowed to choose eye color (if applicable), hair color/texture, skin tone and any special features like birth marks. Not all doll artist accept custom orders.

QIs there a layaway plan or payment plan for reborn dolls?

A: A layaway/payment plan is an agreed upon amount to be paid over a period of time, until your doll is paid in full and able to be shipped out to you. These plans are great if you are saving up money and you don’t quite have all of the amount at once. Some artists and collectors allow layaway plans/payment plans when adopting a reborn doll, but not all. Talk to the owner of the doll to see if they can work this out with you. Artists and owners are in no way obligated to grant a layaway plan/payment plan.

QWhere do I purchase a reborn doll from?

A: There are two options to purchasing a reborn. You can 1) Purchase second hand from a doll collector or 2) Purchase directly from an artist as a pre-made doll or a custom order. You can find second hand dolls on Ebay, Facebook groups, or Instagram (#rebornsforsale). By doing a little research, you can find the doll you desire in your price range. Use Google Search to help you, join reborn doll groups on Facebook, and follow reborn doll Moms on Instagram to guide you!

QWho created your reborn dolls/ Where can I get your doll/ Can I have them for free?

A: The following is a list of each doll, their sculpt, and the artist who created him or her:

Tehya CassidyElliot 6 month Size by Michelle Fagan
Reborn Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery

Truett MichelleLE Elyse by Cassie Brace
Reborn Artist: Cat Johns of Cat Creations Reborns & Silicones

Trace Wade Realborn Preemie Sleeping Thomas by Bountiful Baby
Reborn Artist: Janae Avery of J & J Reborns

Trevor JamesLE Evelyn by Cassie Brace
Reborn Artist: Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery

Tapanga MalloryArianna by Reva Schick (Head), Katie Marie by Ann Timmerman (Limbs)
Reborn Artist: Kory Fans of Pumpkin Doodle Babies

Tabitha Mei-LingKatie Marie by Ann Timmerman
Reborn Artist: Dafne Brooks of My Beautiful Babies

QWhere do I go to look for reborn doll kits for a custom reborn doll?

A: There are hundreds of doll sculpts to choose when ordering a custom reborn; it’s so much fun! You can visit the following: MacPherson CraftsBountifulBabyIrresistables Dolls by SandieDolls So Real

QWho can collect reborn dolls? Are they for kids, too?

A: I personally feel that reborn dolls are an adult collection hobby, however, several artists are mothers/grandmothers/aunts of children and love to share their hobby with them. There are artist who specialize in making what is known as “play born” dolls. These dolls, have the same realistic appearance as a reborn doll, but with less weighted materials. Dolls such as this are easier for little hands to carry. These dolls often come bald or with painted hair for low maintenance. Some play born dolls are “bundle babies”. Their entire bodies (limbs and leg) are made from doe suede and only the head is a vinyl sculpt. These dolls are recommended for children and the elderly. My opinion? Reborn dolls are collectible items and should only be handled by responsible participants of the hobby; whatever age that may be!

QDo reborn dolls poop/pee/eat?

A: No. There are reborn dolls with a heartbeat mechanism or a crying mechanism. These are special additions your artist can add to your doll for a fee. However, this isn’t common; most dolls don’t make any sound. They do not (nor ever will) urinate, poop, or eat.

QDoes the reborn doll open/ close their eyes?

A: Most factory made baby dolls can open and close their eyes if you sit them up/ lay them down. However, this is not the case with reborn dolls. If the eyes are closed, they cannot be made to open and vice versa.

Q:What’s a “pre-order”?

A: The term pre-order usually refers to doll sculpts that are in production and soon to be available for doll artists and collectors to purchase. These are blank doll sculpts/parts that will be ready for painting. Pre-ordering a doll sculpt before it is released ensures that you do not miss out on the company’s stock and you will be the first to receive it! The cost of a pre-order is a portion of the overall price of the doll sculpt.


Daily, I get a lot of personal frequently asked questions about myself and my dolls. I thought I would answer them all here for you!

QWhere did you buy your reborn baby from?

A: This question can be answered by visiting my Resource Center.

QYou do a lot of videos with ____ . Why don’t you do videos with the other dolls?

A: I am always back and forth over which reborn is my favorite at the moment. Once I adopt a new doll or I am infatuated with a particular doll, more videos of that doll will be posted. Just because there isn’t a video of that particular doll, doesn’t mean I love them less!

QWhy don’t you have a real baby? Are your reborn babies practice for the real thing?

A: I do not want a real baby at this time in my life. My love of dolls and need/want for a baby has nothing to do with each other. I am not practicing motherhood. That is something that will come naturally when the time comes. These dolls are simply a hobby. Women collect all kinds of things: clothing, handbags, shoes, makeup. None of the inanimate objects replace or fill a void for having a real child. I role play with my dolls on YouTube for fun and to connect with others in the reborn doll hobby. I do not pretend that they are real when I am out in public. If asked, I am glad to explain my reborn doll hobby to on-lookers. I do, however, meet up with other doll collectors in public places…ready with stroller, carseat and baby carriers πŸ™‚ I want to protect my investment, of course!

QWhen are you going to have a real baby?

A: In order for me to be ready to have a real baby, I’d like to be married and living in my own space. I’d also like to be financially sound enough to support a baby. At the moment, none of these things have come to pass for me. Even after marriage, there is no guarantee that I will want to have children right away. I am a responsible adult. It makes no sense to have a child if you are not willing and able to take care of one. A baby is a big responsibility; not an accessory or something fun like shown on teen mom tv shows.

QYou’re fat. You’re ugly. Your teeth or crooked.

A: Thanks, but that wasn’t a question πŸ™‚

QWhy do you do YouTube videos?

A: It is fun! (And it makes me money…bet you didn’t know that- didya!?) XD
Q: Are you going to do a giveaway? 
A: Yes. However, I do not know when or what type of giveaway or contest I will be hosting yet. You will know when I do!  I will post here, on my blog, on Instagram, Facebook and my YouTube channel. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it!