What Are Reborn Baby Dolls?

Reborn dolls are one-of-a-kind (OOAK) hand crafted dolls that are painted to look like real infants, babies, toddlers, or children! They are often referred to as art dolls, because of the artistic talent that goes into creating them. These dolls are collectible items and intended for adults and responsible teens. Given the nature of these items, they are expensive and an investment for anyone interested in the reborn doll hobby.

Reborn dolls first begin as a blank, unpainted, doll sculpt known as kits. Kits come in a set that include a head, arms, and legs. Some kits also include a doe suede body for stuffing and weighting. There are two types of artists in the reburying process: sculptors and reborn artists. The sculptors create the doll kits and have them manufactured for use. Reborn artists purchase these kits and create realistic baby dolls from them. Some sculptors are reborn doll artists as well!

You can purchase reborn dolls online from Ebay, Facebook, Instagram or directly from the artist’s website. For more on purchasing reborn dolls, please visit Purchasing A Reborn.

Reborn dolls are a pricey hobby. You are paying for, not only the doll sculpt, but the artist’s time and materials for creating this work of art. Most dolls take several weeks to paint, root hair one strand at a time, and assemble and weight realistically. Paints and materials used to create reborn dolls are also expensive. You are purchasing the best quality doll out on the market! These art dolls prices can range anywhere from $250 – $7,000 USD
For more information on purchasing reborn dolls second hand and brand new, visit Purchasing A Reborn!