Purchasing A Reborn Doll

Congratulations! If you’ve navigated your way to this page, you’re most likely about to purchase your first reborn doll, or interested in joining the reborn doll hobby. In this article, I will discuss where you can purchase reborn dolls and the two kinds you will most likely come across.

Where To Purchase


You can purchase reborn dolls on Ebay, Etsy, via Facebook groupsInstagram or directly from a reborn artist’s nursery website. The most popular place to purchase reborn dolls is via Facebook groups and Etsy. Most reborn artists also have their “website” as a Facebook page that you can contact them through, and purchase a doll through there.

By using the search function on Ebay you can find several reborn dolls listed for auction or Buy It Now. Some search terms you can use are:

reborn baby dolls

biracial reborn

aa reborn

ethnic reborn 

reborn toddler

WARNING: Not all dolls listed in the search are reborn dolls. A reborn doll’s listing will indicate the artist of the doll, it’s weight and length and other details. Ashton Drake and other similar mass produced/manufactured dolls are not reborn dolls. A good rule of thumb is if it is under $200 it is most likely not a reborn doll or not a good quality reborn doll. In rare instances, you may find reborn dolls under $200. These dolls are called Boo Boo Babies. These reborn dolls come with flaws that are described in the auction’s listing. is a website that caters to artisans who create and sell their own goods. A lot of reborn doll artists have decided to make shops on here to sell their made-to-order dolls and ready-to-ship dolls. Simply search reborn dolls and listings will pop up. I do recommend researching the artists you want to work with for good customer reviews and feedback.

Facebook (Groups)

Facebook (Groups)
You can also purchase reborn dolls, brand new or second hand, via Facebook groups:
Reborn Baby Addicts

Reborns For Sale and Items

Reborns For Sale

Reborn AA/Biracial Babies For Sale

Reborn Babies For Sale or Trade

Reborn Babies Under $100
Boo Boo Babies

Reborns and Silicones Buy, Sell, or Trade

WARNING: Only purchase from trusted collectors/sellers and artists. Only do transactions using PayPal for your protection. It is not recommended to purchase with mailed cash or Money Orders. Do not trade dolls with those you do not know or do not have referrals.


By using the search function on Instagram, you can type in #rebornsforsale for a listing of dolls that are brand new from the artist, or second hand from a collector. You can contact the owner of these dolls for more information.

Brand New vs. Second Hand Reborn Dolls

If you are purchasing your first reborn doll, second hand may be a great option for you. This will allow you to make the most of your money and “try out” reborn dolls to see if it is a hobby you’d like to continue with. Most collectors take great pride in their dolls and also take good care of them. Second hand dolls are most often in like-new condition. They’ve just had a previous owner, that’s all! Second hand dolls also may come with more items and accessories than a brand new doll from the artist.

Brand new dolls are also exciting and fun! They are perfectly crafted and in pristine condition. Brand new reborn dolls are more expensive than second hand dolls.

For more information on custom made reborn dolls, visit Custom Made Reborn Dolls.