Choosing The Right Doll For You

In this article, I’ll go over some of the important aspects of choosing the right reborn doll for you. These pointers are only from my personal perspective, as I have been a beginner collector and then more experienced after starting my collection completely over! Keep these tips into consideration when choosing your reborn baby, so you will grow a collection you love, cherish and DON’T want to part with!

Doll Sizes

The biggest deal breaker for most collectors is size. If you have a friend who owns reborn dolls, it is great to eyeball them and possibly hold them to get an idea of what size of doll you like best. If not, your best option is to browse the baby isles and check out clothing sizes. Would you rather a small baby to cuddle, or a larger chunkier baby? What about a toddler size for lots of fun dressing options? Size, does matter and can affect how you bond with your reborn doll. Below is a handy chart on the various sizes in comparison to clothing. This is also helpful when creating a custom reborn doll order and you’re choosing a doll sculpt.

18″-19″inches = Newborn (NB)

20″-22″inches= 0-3 months

23″-25″inches= 3-6 months

26″-28″ inches= 6-9months

29″ and up 12months – toddler sizes

*NOTE* Sizes may vary depending on your doll’s arms and legs. If your sculpt has chunkier thighs and tummy, but is short at 19″inches he or she may be able to wear 3month sized clothing (like my little Shamaar!)


The next thing to think about when choosing a reborn baby, is whether you prefer sweet sleeping babies or wide awake and open eyed babies. For some collectors, having a doll’s eyes open and looking out may be a bit unsettling. For others, some enjoy the realistic look of being able to see the beautifully colored eyes. I love my Tehya‘s big hazel green moon eyes! If you like both, this may not be a problem for you. Please know, if the sculpt’s eyes are closed they cannot be opened and opened eyed sculpts cannot close.

Arms & Legs

The beautiful thing about reborn dolls is that they are each created uniquely, just like real babies! Some dolls have open hands and spread out fingers, some have closed little fists. Doll sculpts legs range from stretched out and straight to slightly bent and even curled up (or little froggy legs) Decide what you like  in a reborn doll by browsing photos.


Lastly, but not least think about what kind of hair your desired reborn should have; if any at all! Do you like the low maintenance of having a cute bald baby, or possibly a painted hair baby. Do you like rooted hair or wigs? All these are factors to consider when planning for your perfect reborn baby!

I hope these tips where helpful! Good luck choosing the right rebaby for you.