Blythe Dolls F.A.Q

Collecting custom Blythe dolls is a fairly new hobby to me and I am happy to share my findings with you all who may also be intrigued by these bulbous head beauties! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to my custom Blythe collection.

Q:Where can I purchase a custom Blythe doll?

A: I have purchased all three of my custom Blythe dolls from artists who have an Etsy shop. Some artists sell their dolls and advertise through their Instagram accounts and allow direct PayPal transactions. If you’re looking for a variety of dolls to choose from, your best option is to search “custom Blythe dolls” on Etsy.

Secondly, you can purchase dolls second hand via Ebay or Facebook groups that are for Blythe sales.

Q:How much do custom Blythe dolls cost?

A: Custom Blythe dolls come in a variety of prices so you are likely to find one in your range and budget! Generally I have seen custom dolls priced from $100-$600 USD. There are some on the lower end and some that can be well over $1K depending on the artist’s work/popularity.

Q:What is the difference between a factory Blythe and the other Blythe types?

A: This may be slightly confusing, but in general there are authentic Blythe dolls made by the original company Takara; then there are unbranded versions with articulated bodies that are used for customizing. These are not replicas, in my opinion, as the body type is completely different. You will most likely find custom Blythes made from the unbranded version as these are more affordable to obtain. The original Takara Blythes in the original packaging/clothing/etc are quite expensive collectibles in their own right.

You can find out more about the varying Takara Blythe releases at Blythopia and BlytheLife

Q:How do Blythe doll eyes change colors?

A: At the back head part of each Blythe doll are two cords commonly called “pull strings”. One string allows you to close the eye lids. Pulling this string firmly changes the eyes. The second string allows the eye lids to open again, revealing a new eye color! Each Blythe has four (4) sets of eyes known as “eye chips”.