The JunkySpot: USA Ball Jointed Doll Distributor

This review highlights my purchasing experience only. For a review and details of the actual product purchased, please see MYOU‘s company review.

About The Distributor

The Junky Spot is the premier dealer of many brands of dolls including being the first US store to carry nearly the entire selection of Obitsu dolls, Dollzone’s very first international dealer outside of China, Bobobie’s first dealer in the United States, and Hujoo’s first international dealer outside of Korea, just to name a few examples. [Source] Along with these brands mentioned, The Junky Spot is also known to work directly with resin ball jointed doll companies like MYOU, Limhwa Doll, and Mystic Kids to distribute their products to US customers!

Communication & Web Interface

During my purchasing process, I contacted The Junky Spot on one occasion in regards to a tracking number for my package. I never received one after waiting 3-5 days after the receipt of payment. Sadly, there was no response, but my package did show up in a timely manner (within 7 days of ordering).

The website, in my opinion, is very outdated and could use a more modern look, as far as online shopping goes. Nevertheless, all information that is necessary to make an informed purchase about a doll is given in each listing. This includes, doll measurements, resin colors, any added accessories, variations of in stock dolls offered and price.

Time Management / Shipping

I received my notification of successful payment almost immediately. Although, my order stated to be shipped within 1-2 business days, I never received a tracking number; which gave me pause. However, my doll did arrive within 7 days and packaged very well with cute extras like candy and an Asian film DVD! This practice of extras is customary of The Junky Spot.

Rating: 4/5

I’m giving The Junky Spot 4 out of 5 stars only because this was my first time purchasing from them and having the tracking information was crucial to me. I take my expensive doll purchases seriously and I’d like peace of mind in knowing where my packages are. Overall, I had a great experience and I would order from them again, as waiting 7 days for a BJD in my country is a lot better than waiting 70 days for one that is internationally shipped from the manufacturer.