Resin Junky by Pikko Chan

About The Artist

Dominique Quin, formally known as pikko chan online, is a ball jointed doll faceup artist based in Louisiana, USA. Pikko chan uses high quality materials and specialized tools (like the Iwata Silver Jet air gun and machine) for seamlessly blended painting. Along with her painting, pikko chan is also a skilled photographer; capturing doll photography as well as cosplay models.

*Note* pikko chan is a supporter of legit BJD artists. No recasts are allowed to be submitted for her faceup artistry.

Communication & Customer Service

My communication with Resin Junky began in September with an inquiry of services for my Luts Senior Delf Loid doll. I kindly contacted her via Instagram and received a courteous and speedy response. It is important to mention that I did not place my order upon first contact. Nevertheless, pikko chan reached out to me before her next month’s commission slots opened to see if I would be interested in a spot, before they filled up. I was impressed with this and thought that was very generous of her. I was quoted a price for a full makeover that included:

  • Faceup Removal
  • Faceup w/Lashes
  • Facial Piercings
  • Full Body Blushing
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Custom Tattoo

Resin Junky’s price point is more than affordable for the numerous options a BJD owner has to choose from. My entire doll’s makeover cost $180 USD plus shipping to and from my location. For a detailed breakdown of pricing please visit the website Resin Junky.

All throughout my process, communication was friendly and frequent. pikko chan updated me every step of the way to assure I was happy with the results. She kindly made changes if I requested them and worked hard to bring my vision to life!

Quality of Work

There are many talented artists out there specializing in this work, but pikko Chan’s attention to detail and the vision the customer has for his/her doll, is taken high priority. Every request and detail I emphasized was made in my doll’s makeover. I especially love her quality of work in terms of body blushing and the realistic details placed into skin, nails and facial hair.

Time Management

My commission was estimated to be complete in three (3) months, as it was a long process and a lot of work being done on different areas of the doll. Despite the artist working around a full-time day job schedule, her photography business, and an injury at this time..she was still able to complete my order in only 6 weeks! I received at least one update every 48-72 hours on progress, as well. This is by far the best time management I have ever experienced with any doll artist I have ever worked with. Period.

Rating: 5/5

It is without a doubt I can recommend Resin Junky for your ball jointed doll’s makeover. She is a friendly artist with limitless talent to help achieve the look you want. Her communication and execution is unmatched in my opinion. My Sebastian Yoshiro is everything I ever wanted in a boy BJD!