Pumpkin Doodle Babies by Kory Fann

About The Artist

Korry Fann is the talented artist behind Pumpkin Doodle Babies nursery. This reborn artist is based in Marion, Illinois (USA) and has been creating dolls for over 6 years. PDB specializes in reborn toddler and child sized dolls, but also provides reborn babies on occasion. This artist is sought after for her custom order dolls and is known for flexible payment plan options. PDB offers custom options for skin tone, hair/hair texture, and any special birth marks/freckles.

I have had the pleasure of working with Kory once in 2017 as a customer/buyer and again in 2022 as a promoter for her business.


Communication with this artist has always been direct, prompt and with a friendly and informative demeaner. I’ve received responses in as little as 30 minutes and up to 1 business days during her busy schedule times. Kory is online often and responds well via the Pumpkin Doodle Babies Facebook business page, Pumpkin Doodle Babies official website, as well as her Instagram (@pumpkin_doodle_babies) and TikTok (@pumpkindoodlebabies1).

Quality of Work

My first purchase from PDB was in 2017 with the custom order of Tabitha. Kory was able to accommodate my special request of the Arianna head sculpt (Reva Schick) with the limbs of Katie Marie sculpt (Ann Timmerman) along with a tanned skin tone and freckles. This was her first attempt at freckles and I she did a wonderful job. All of the materials used (hair, eyes, etc.) were high quality as it’s been six years since I purchased this reborn toddler and she’s in wonderful condition!

In 2022, as a Promoter for the PDB business, I received Devony (Raya by Ping Lau sculpt). She is almost 1 year old and shows no signs of age, despite frequent outfit changes, hair washings/styling and cuddles. This doll’s hair is textured like a biracial child’s hair. Rooting is impeccable and I have not experienced any shedding, fall out or balding spots on the doll scalp.

Overall, the quality of her work and longevity of it speaks volumes and I am very pleased with it.

Time Management & Customer Service

PDB is upfront and honest about the time it will take to create these beautiful art dolls. Consideration must be made for the size of these dolls for painting and hair rooting. The current estimated time of completion for a custom order is 9-10 weeks. PDB’s Customer Service is some of the very best! On the second custom doll I received, I was slightly disappointed in the color of hair my doll turned out to have. She was very patient and explained to me the nature of human hair batches that are ordered for each doll. In the end, we agreed that offering clients a preview of what that particular bundle of hair looks like will help in 100% satisfaction, for the future. PDB offers flexible payment plans in-house or via Square. Options for monthly payments (minimum $200/month) or weekly payments (minimum $50/week) are available! Kory truly goes above and beyond to ensure that each order is to the client’s liking, and anyone interested could have their dream reborn toddler.

Rating: 5/5

Pumpkin Doodle Babies has surpassed all of my expectations when it comes to securing a custom ordered reborn toddler doll. The process is easy, the payment options are affordable for many in the hobby and the attention and care given my Kory Fann is unmatched. This nursery offers weekly discounts on certain doll sculpts (many that are popular!) on top of allowing coupons from promoters to be used. I truly feel as if this artist wants to make reborn toddlers more accessible, despite their cost to create. Many do NOT do this (for viable reasons), but Kory’s effort and love for dolls is much appreciated.