MYOU: Ball Jointed Doll Company

The following is a review for my doll manufactured by MYOU, only. For a review of the USA Distributor, my ordering experience with them and their services, please view the JunkySpot review.

About The Company

Limited information is available on the English version of MYOU’s main website:, however further information can be found about specific dolls and sizes on Den of Angels web forum.

MYOU is a resin ball jointed doll company house in China. The company began creating and selling BJDs in 2015.

Communication & Customer Service

I did not purchase my MYOU Delia directly from the company; but one of their USA Distributors; JunkySpot. However, I will note that I have contacted MYOU directly in regards to ordering heeled feet for my doll. I contacted them by e-mail on March 30, 2019. Sadly, as of the time of this posting (May 22, 2019), I have not received a response from them.

Quality of Work

Each doll arrives in a thickly lined and padded drawstring bag; perfect for reusing for travel. The outside is a soft velour fabric and inside is satin lined. The front features the embroidered MYOU logo. It definitely makes purchasing a doll from this company, special!

MYOU has very nice quality resin dolls, with beautiful skin tone options at an affordable price range, in comparison to a lot of other companies. My doll is a their Tan color, the darkest shade available and shows no harsh distinguishing marks from sanded down seam lines. The resin material is sturdy and weighted, with all parts/pieces in working order. MYOU has a smaller selection of dolls to choose from in comparison to other companies, but all are beautiful and serene expressions. Accompanying my doll was a hard plastic card for CoA (certificate of authenticity) and an instructional booklet. My favorite extra a long with my doll, is the carrying bags given with MYOU dolls.

Rating: 4/5

I’m am definitely pleased with MYOU’s brand and I look forward to purchasing their dolls through their USA distributors again! I do wonder how the process is ordering directly from the site, as all of their sculpts are available there and only a limited selection via distributors.