Mia’s Daydream by Sabina Dichterman

About The Artist

Sabina Dichterman is a European artist and former Graphic Designer. She currently lives in Santa Cruz, California USA using her artistic skills to create customized and elaborately decorated dolls ranging from Monster High, to Blythe, and even ball jointed dolls.

Communication & Customer Service

Mia’s Daydream manages social media outlets on Instagram and Etsy. All of her sales are conducted on Etsy, but you can preview her works to be sold on her Instagram page. Wether being contacted via Instagram or Etsy, I find her response time to be lacking a bit (I’ve left her messages on both outlets before and did not receive a response for over a week) Patience is the key when communicating with this artist. Once she is reached though, she was pleasant and informative in her response and explaining any questions I had concerning doll adoptions or custom orders for Monster High or Blythe. Mia’s Daydream also offers a payment plan option for ready-made dolls as well as custom made Blythes. Payments are required in full for custom order Monster High dolls.

*Please note, this artist does not take commissions for BJDs (from people she doesn’t know personally)

Quality of Work

Without a doubt, Mia’s Daydream creates just that..dream dolls! The attention to detail from the face customization of her Blythe dolls, to their hand made polymer clay accessories and charms is just amazing. This artist also offers customized doll stands for Blythe to match the sugary sweet aesthetic, from time-to-time. My only negative, is that her custom doll wigs can be thin and make the doll feel of lower quality, compared to the thick and weighted wig hair that most Blythes (both originals and factory) come home with.

Time Management

My package was shipped within 1-2 business days and arrived within a week’s time. Since my Blythe doll was ready-to-ship, I did not have to wait for a custom order to be completed. My package arrived in great condition and the doll inside was carefully packaged and tied down to extra material, so as not to shift and tumble within the box. This is a very nice and much appreciated touch, as far as doll packaging goes!

Rating: 4/5

Overall I am very pleased with Mia’s Daydream work; it is most definitely One of A Kind, but I must admit I will not be purchasing any more custom Blythe dolls from her. Her dolls are some of the most expensive on the market (Starting at $500 USD) and I enjoy other Blythe dolls more that cost much less than hers. This is a personal opinion and does not reflect on my shopping experience or quality of her works.