LUTSDOLL: Ball Jointed Doll Company

About The Company

LUTSDOLL, or commonly known as LUTS, is a resin ball jointed doll company housed in Korea. LUTS has been creating and offering dolls for the hobbyist market since 2000. Along with dolls, LUTS also sells wigs, clothing, shoes, accessories, props and maintenance supplies/materials for taking care of your dolls and customizing them. [Source] The company also works with USA distributors to fulfill pre-orders and supply dolls for distribution. You can currently order LUTS dolls in the USA from Denver Doll Emporium (both pre-order and stocked dolls; see details on the website for more info).

Communication & Customer Service

One of the most important things when purchasing any doll type, is communication between buyer and seller. Communication is even more important as you shop internationally with the factor of language barriers. When shopping with LUTS, I have never had any issues in being understood or understanding their response. LUTS handles their Customer Service through a a forum board labeled as the Q & A Board. All registered shoppers of the website may post their question/concerns their. If you are an international shopper, recognize the timezone difference as responses will take up to 24 hours. My only issue with the communication with LUTS, is viewing the response to questions on the Q & A Board. In April 2019, LUTS moved to a new website and user interface. All communication worked the same, however the website experienced bugs. In order to view LUTS’ response to your Q & A Board post, you must input your login password. Sadly, this function did not work for me! LUTS also provides a direct e-mail address for inquiries, but prefers to use the Q & A Board to keep account of all communications affectively.

I will say, that after contacting LUTS via the direct e-mail, I did receive a response within 24 hours in the same courteous and pleasant manner. I had a great experience with Customer Service as after placing my order, a few days later I decide to change an aspect of my doll (to have a different type body, than the one ordered). LUTS made a note of this and once my package arrived, I was pleased that my request had been honored. During my wait-time, I did receive communication that an item I purchased (doll carrier) was no longer available due to supply. I was promptly refunded the amount of the item and shipping cost within 24 hours of the notice.

Quality of Work

Craftmanship is top notch with my purchase from LUTS. I have seen their older works and fell in love then; the same holds true now. My doll showed visible signs of a seam line (common for dark skin toned dolls), but lines were sanded smooth with no visible scratch marks or discoloration from sanding. The resin production is thorough with even color through out. The resin itself is also not as strong of a chemical scent as some others have. I am very pleased with the aesthetics of LUTS resin and casting. The LUTS logo is embossed in the doll’s head cap, as well as a 3D logo placed inside of the doll’s head with product number embossed; indicators of it’s authenticity.

I ordered my doll with the company face-up option. All BJD face-ups from the company are done by hand, so differences may vary from one sculpt to another, even if they are a like. I am happy to say, that even with hand done work, my doll’s face makeup was accurately done in comparison to the product photos shown on the website. It’s beautiful and what I expected my doll to look like.

Time Management

As with most orders directly from the manufacturer, BJD orders can be a lengthy wait (even longer when requesting a face-up or other customizations). LUTS informs the buyer of a 30-45 day period prior to shipping. I placed my order March 6, 2019 and received it in the post May 9, 2019. Production and shipping time was accurate for my order.

Rating: 5/5

Overall, I am very happy! It has been a Wishlist situation for me to order my first BJD from this company and I am so glad I did and the experience did not disappoint. I do hope the issue with the Q & A Board has been resolved for future orders and communication. However, this will not deter me from ordering from LUTSDOLL again.