Danni’s Designer Dolls

About The Artist

Danielle Schouwbourg, also known as Danni Schou online, is a doll customizer based in Mattawan, Michigan USA. Danni is an artisan for both resin ball jointed dolls and vinyl fashion dolls with her creative style ranging from sultry gothic themed to fantasy characteristics. Most often seen from this artist are customized/repaint dolls from Monster High, Rainbow High, Novi Star, and artist BJDs. You can find this artist’s work for sale at Danni’s Designer Dolls on Etsy. Follow them on Instagram (@dannisdesignerdolls) for beautiful photos of their work and personal collection dolls.

Communications & Customer Service

I originally started my communication with this artist on Instagram, but she is also responsive on her Etsy storefront page where sales are made. Danni posts several product photos and video shorts of her work during the customization process. In my time contacting her in regards to her doll for sale, she was very prompt with response and kind! The artist was also willing to work with potential buyer’s budgets with a layaway plan; so every customer has a chance of owning their dream doll creation.

Quality of Work

Without a doubt, Danni’s work is unique! Her artistry has a particular style that leans sultry, gothic and fantasy. Her color schemes include deep colors like black, navy blue, purple and can also include special features like gemstones or molded clay parts. In my instance of adopting a OOAK Rainbow High doll, the eyes have been customized for a sultry, sexy and daring new gaze. Faceup has been redesigned to fit this characters new look. All of Danni’s works are professionally sealed and done with high quality materials for a doll that will last many years to enjoy.

In receiving my doll package in the mail, it was beautifully wrapped and presented. Sparkle confetti tissue paper secured my doll inside, with all of her accessories and doll stand being boxed or complete in an organza bag. A sweet note is also included from the artist.

Time Management

This doll artist offers customized dolls (and ready-to-ship dolls) for $130-250 USD + shipping, depending on the doll you choose. The process is estimated at 1-2 months time. Deposit fee is $60-80 USD, also depending on your doll and full price quote for customization.

When purchasing a ready-to-ship work from the shop, items are mailed out within 1-3 business days. In my case, my doll was shipped the next day!

Rating: 5/5

Overall, I am very happy with my experience and glad to be able to add one of Danni’s Designer Dolls to my collection! Working with this artist was a pleasant and fun experience. Being able to see updates on your doll’s progress via Instagram and how she/he comes “to life” is a treat.