Cat’s Creations Silicones & Reborns by Cat Johnson

NOTICE: As of 2018, Cat Creations has been streamlining their business to cater more towards the creation and painting of silicone dolls as opposed to vinyl reborn dolls. This review discusses my experience with this artist during her time in customized vinyl reborn dolls, only.

About The Artist

Catherine Johnson, a vinyl reborn doll artist and upcoming silicone doll sculptor and painter, is from Longmont, Colorado (USA). She has been in business since 2013, with her recent works in silicone starting in 2017-2018. Cat works with domestic and international customers!


I first learned of this artist from my dear friend, Shaima (Shushu) who lives in Dubai. I fell in love with a sculpt that Cat painted and, naturally, wanted a doll just like hers. I reached out to Cat, in which she responded within a few hours answering my questions concerning price, payment options and details that I could choose about the doll. She had no problems replicating her previous works. Once the reborn process began, contact was on a need-to-know basis, with updates of her progress or answering any further questions I may have had. Towards the final portion of our transaction, I did feel as if our conversations were rushed on her end and answers were curt and short. 🙁 Timing for her response also became lengthier, but was to be expected as she works on several dolls at once, during this time.

Quality of Work

Cat’s work is very beautiful and versatile, as she offers Caucasian, African, Indian and mixed race skin tones. The mohair she utilizes in the hand rooting of her dolls is soft and high quality. Nevertheless, there were a couple of points I’d like to mention in regards to my doll, in particular.

I requested a brown skinned African American Elyse by Cassie Brace. I provided photos of her previous work. Her work photographs well, but based on her quality of equipment at the time; may not be color accurate. The skin tone seemed more brown and warmer toned in photos, but once in person my doll’s coloring was different than I’d imagined. It was more of a cool/olive skin tone. Even slightly gray, in comparison to other African dolls I have had made. This wasn’t exactly the tone I had hoped for, but overall I was in love with the doll. The hair texture was not quite the same curl pattern as in previous works she had made, but was high quality nonetheless. This may vary from one batch of hair to the next, so I advise caution when selecting curly mohair as an option. Please know, there may be some variation, as the artist explained to me when I questioned it.

Time Management & Customer Service

My doll’s process time took about 6-8 weeks. I received her in the mail on Christmas Eve, which I commend Cat Johnson on finding prompt and accurate shipping service, even around the holiday. Cat’s Customer Service was adequate, long after I had adopted my doll. If ever I had a question about reborns in general, or proper care for mohair, she is happy to answer them. I have even input an inquiry that my doll did not come home with the bracelet that most of her reborn creations do, and she sent two handmade bracelets to me, with no problem!

Doll Adoption & Layaway

Updated: July 7, 2020

I wanted to amend this review to include my recent experience with this artist in terms of purchasing her ready-to-ship dolls and her layaway option. In between custom orders, Cat will use her artistic freedom to create reborn dolls from her own vision and post them for adoption on her Facebook business page.

I had the opportunity to adopt one of these ready-made reborn babies by way of layaway! Not only one doll, but the agreement was expanded to include two creations of hers that I very much wanted in my collection. My monthly payments and period of the layaway was very flexible and Cat was kind to accommodate any of my needs.

Price points for these ready-to-adopt reborns are similar to that of custom orders; ranging from $750-$950+ USD

Rating: 4/5

Despite my relatively pleasant experience with Cat Johnson, I cannot 100% recommend her services for a custom reborn doll. In the competitive market of reborn doll collecting, I have had better realism of work for a more affordable price point. This doll cost me in total $910 USD (and I purchased my own doll sculpt), the most expensive of all the reborns AND toddlers I have ever purchased. Box openings and several special gifts are not to be expected with this artist, either.

If you are looking for a silicone doll artist, I believe her prices are fair, for what is offered on the market at this current time, however I cannot review those services as I do not own any silicone dolls. 🙂