Bonnet Babies Nursery by Daya Johnson

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About The Artist

Daya Johnson is a 24-year-old artist based out of North Carolina, USA. She is new to the reborning artistic craft and has been creating since late 2020. Daya enjoys rooting and painting mixed-race and African American skin toned reborn babies and toddlers. You can find this nursery on Facebook, Instagram @bonnetbabiesnursery and the artist profile Bonnet Babies Nursery.


My first experience with this artist was through the selling platform By using the provided contact avenues there I was able to discuss any questions about my doll purchase with her. Her correspondence through Instagram messages was prompt, cordial and informative at all times. I can tell her interest for craftsmanship and growth in this art form is genuine and sincere.

Quality of Work

Given this artist is new at the craft, I take that into consideration with my review. With that being said, I believe Bonnet Babies Nursery has quite beautiful artwork for such a fresh start! My baby Caleb has realism and blushing as expected with most reborn dolls. I find that the hair quality on my particular doll could be better, but I am quite fond of her efforts in creating a unique color by hand dying it! The weight of a baby is up to personal preference, however I do find my doll to be extremely heavy for his size. Sadly, the magnet inside his head became dislodged upon transit, so it will have to be re-secured in order to use the modified pacifier, but all of these things can be adjusted easily for me.

Time Management & Customer Service

Since this reborn purchase was of a pre-made reborn doll I can only speak to the Customer Service aspect and presentation of my package. The artist kept their time schedule in terms of when shipment would take place and she provided tracking information upon shipping. My box presentation was lovely, with hair care items, care instructions and extra outfits…so totally unexpected but much appreciated!

Rating: 4/5

Overall, my experience with Bonnet Babies Nursery was a positive one and I can recommend her for affordable and beautifully crafted newborn reborn baby dolls. I look forward to seeing this artist grow in the craft and as a collector!