My Ball Jointed Doll Emi

This post is in no way meant to fuel drama within the BJD Community, but only a discussion of my own thoughts and opinions. Please, keep your thoughts and opinions respectful in the comments, if you choose to join in the discussion. ~ Thank You.

Meet my Anime BJD girl, Emi Nagisa!

I’m sad that this is my second AliExpress BJD purchase that I wasn’t able to share on YouTube, but I’m glad to have a couple decent photos of her to share here! Meet this cutie pie that I’ve named Emi. Emi Nagisa is a replica Puyoodoll Kumako Egg #01. I tried something different and went for a more anime girl style with her face up request and the eyes I chose for her. I am in love with the anime look and hope to add more in darker skin tones to my collection. Emi is also my first pure white resin BJD. 🙂

Once renovations with my home are complete I plan on filming a series of videos “introducing” my new dolls to everyone as well as sharing collection updates! Both BJDs and Reborn dolls.

  • Doll: 1/4 No Mouth Bobo Sasa in White from HeheBJD
  • Wig: Short 1/3 Style Color #23 from ZKY DOL Store
  • Eyes: Anime Style DE01 Blue Green 20mm from Oueniefs
  • Outfit: Gifted

It has been 3 years since I joined the ball jointed doll hobby and it has been a learning experience every step of the way! I’ve been grateful to have met a great group of local BJD collectors as well as socialize with those online. It is only in the last few months have I really examined the term Recast Friendly and what it may mean for different collectors. What is my personal stance on recast ball jointed dolls? Let’s discuss it now!

What Is A Recast/Replica?recast doll is a replicated copy of an original doll (or ‘knock-off’). Companies that work to recast dolls make unauthorized copies of the original. In doing so, imperfections can occur as they are not cast from the original molding, but a copy of the doll parts. It is said that recast dolls may be created from lesser grade materials from the original (but this is not always the case).

I learned about recast ball jointed dolls in 2015. It wasn’t until last year that I actually owned my first full recast doll. Up until then my collection consisted of authentic resin ball jointed dolls only (legit). So, what made me change my mind and adopt a recast? Here are my own personal reasonings:

Why I Collect Replica BJDs

Accessibility – One of my major reasons for collecting recast ball jointed dolls is they are easily accessible compared to their legit counterparts. For me personally, I enjoy the anime girl style dolls and I’ve found that the ones I prefer are either no longer being produced by the company or the company is based in Japan/Taiwan/Thailand/etc and does not ship internationally. There are such things as proxy services, but I am not comfortable with them and familiar enough with their practices. A proxy service is a third-party middle person that uses your funds to purchase a doll from overseas for you and have it shipped to you.

Affordability – I am not new to expensive doll hobbies, but having a doll that is well under my budget, allows for me to enjoy it just that much more. It isn’t uncommon to spend $200-500 USD on an medium sized ball jointed doll. Being able to save up quicker and purchase under $145 USD for the same sized doll is nice!

I Love Dolls. Period – If there is a doll in the world that I can afford, have access to and I enjoy its aesthetic, I am going to purchase it. It’s the honest truth.

What Being “Recast-Friendly” Means To Me

I don’t like labels. I also disagree with how some doll collectors carry out their pro-artist stance, with slander and online bullying. I’ve never been that kind of a person and I’m not going to start now (especially over a doll!) With that being said, my stance is “To each their own“. My view of a person and their character won’t change based off wether they have an authentic or replica doll, or not. That sounds so silly! Ultimately, its none of my business what another person decides to spend their money on.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to be happy and feel like they belong. The world has enough divide and exclusion as it is.

Enjoy your dolls, YOUR way.

One thing I know for sure is I will continue purchasing replica BJDs as long as I have interest in a specific doll and that is my only means of acquiring it. I enjoy and love my dolls, they make me smile…and thats what I care about.

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