Reborn Doll Artist To Buy From in 2021

The most asked question I have receive lately is in relation to reborn doll artists, specifically. Who is the best? What artists are available for custom doll orders and so on. In today’s post I’d like to give a few artist recommendations for the current year of 2021. Please note, that an artist’s availability may change without notice. Your best option for current information on any particular artist is to follow them on social media (Instagram, Facebook and personal web pages). The following list is made up of artists I have worked with as well as a few who are trusted in the community with wonderful client feedback. Good luck!

Before You Buy: Shopping Tips

FACT: Sellers on AliExpress are NOT reputable sales partners for blank doll sculpts/kits and offer counterfeit/low quality items. The following are only some of the USA/UK websites that are reborn doll sculpt dealers that work directly with sculptors for offering reborn doll parts: Macpherson Crafts, Irresistibles, TruBorns, Bountiful Baby and Dolls by Sandie

2021 Reborn Doll Artist Recommendations

Price Range Guide: $ = $200 – $499 USD // $$ = $500 – 799 USD // $$$ = $800+ USD

Nurseries denoted with (*) are artists I have worked with and adopted dolls from.

* Pura Vida Babies by Lauren Speech-Green // Price Range: $

Lauren’s work is so beautiful and one of the most affordable prices on the market! This nursery offers both caucasian and ethnic skin tone options with no details over looked. Preemie to Newborn sized babies with painted hair or bald are offered here. If you’re new to reborn dolls (or just wanting to add to your collection, but on a tight budget), I highly recommend this artist’s work. (Facebook | Instagram)

* Valerie’s Originals by Valerie // Price Range: $$

The unique work produced by Valerie is the community’s hidden gem! If you’re interested in seeing reborn art in all forms (babies with disabilities, birth marks, etc) than this is the artist for you. Each reborn baby is meticulously painted for realism and beautiful representation. All size ranges are welcomed; painted hair or bald babies only offered with this nursery. (Instagram)

Erica’s Precious Ones by Erica Jones // Price Range: $$

Erica specializes in creating beautiful ethnic skin tone reborn dolls that are sure to be forever babies in your collection. Her sweet personality and understanding of both the collector side and artist side of the business, makes for a great artist to work with. Babies offered from this nursery can be bald or with rooted hair. You can view Erica’s work as well as her own personal collection on YouTube. (Instagram | YouTube)

Baby Steps Reborn Treasures by Teresa Saunders // Price Range: $$

If you’re in search of a reborn baby or toddler that has mixed-race features, look no further than Baby Steps Reborn Treasures! Ms. Teresa is known for her beautiful, curly-haired babies in all skin tone shades and sizes. You can view her work and babies she’s created from her personal collection, on YouTube. (P.S.- If you love MoTown music, Ms. Teresa has an amazing singing voice for it..her second talent!) (YouTube | Facebook | Instagram)

Ms. Serenity Smith Babies by Serenity Smith // Price Range: $$$

One of the most sought after African-American doll artists in the Black Reborn Doll Community, is work by Ms. Serenity! Her vinyl reborn baby and silicone reborn doll works are hyper-realistic and worth every penny. No two babies are a like (and she’s done several of the same sculpts); each being unique and beautiful in their own way. This nursery offers bald and/or rooted dolls in both vinyl and silicone options. If you’re sparing no expense and enjoy realism in your dolls, Ms. Serenity’s work is the very best! (YouTube | Instagram)

*Cat Creations Reborns & Silicones by Catherine Johnson // Price Range: $$$

Once you’ve had one of Cat Creation’s reborn babies, you’ll most likely become a repeat customer (as it is with me!)This artist’s style features beautiful light to medium skin tones with an airbrushes gradient of smooth shadows to add definition and realism. Her work is one of my favorites! Paired with the meticulously rooted hair that can be brushed and styles in any direction. This artist offers caucasian and light-medium ethnic skin toned babies with bald, rooted, painted or combination hair; both vinyl reborn and silicone dolls. (Facebook | Instagram)

Sara’s Art Dolls by Sara Jennings // Price Range: –

Sara’s Art Dolls says it all! These beautifully crafted works of art are sure to be the start within any reborn doll collection. Her deep, rich skin tones in varying shades of brown truly capture the nature of African and Indian baby skin tones. Sara offers reborn baby and toddler sizes in both ethnic and caucasian skin tones. (Facebook | Instagram)

*Heavenly Butterflies Nursery by Jody Slater// Price Range: –

Realism paired with detailed ethnic and caucasian skin tones is this artist’s signature look. Jody Slaters expertise in reborning is seen with her mottling, shading and veining on ALL baby skin tones. This artist’s price range offers something for everyone: wether you’re looking for a dolly touch up, painted sculpt or the full box opening experience. (Facebook)

For now, these are all of the artists that I am aware of, that are taking custom reborn doll orders for 2021! I hope you all find this list helpful in bringing your next (or first!) dream reborn baby home. πŸ™‚


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