Reborn Baby Keepsakes

As if adopting a reborn baby wasn’t excitement enough; the keepsakes are always my favorite! Receiving such a beautiful work of art is a special time made even more memorable when you have small reminders left from that day you opened up your new doll. Reborn baby keepsakes can also be special items you purchased yourself for your doll while you waited on it’s arrival! Today, I’m sharing my reborn baby keepsakes with you.

Please Note: Not all reborn baby experiences include fun extras for the doll collector. Check with the reborn doll artist or seller that is offering your doll for adoption to find out what will come with it.

There are a wide variety of items you may deem as ‘keepsakes’ after your reborn baby’s first days home. It could be a small photo of your doll, sent from her artist’s photoshoot, or a simple knitted pair of booties. Here are some of the keepsakes I’ve received and kept over the years! (Dolls that I have sold from my collection; I send all their original items and keepsakes with them to the new doll owner)

Reborn Baby Birth Certificates

The majority of reborn baby dolls come home with a birth certificate or birth announcement. These special keepsake papers usually have your dolls name, weight, length, time of reborn completion and the artist/nursery name. Some will come blank for you to fill in, or some will be filled in with the info and artist’s signature. Birth certificates are left to the artist’s determination and can be a simple card or decorated and printed. Here are the varying birth certificates I have for my reborn babies.

Fun Fact: Reborn baby birth certificates differ from the official Certificate of Authenticity (COA) a doll sculpt comes with. The COA is offered with all limited edition sculpt molds and some specially designed, company exclusive, sculpts. This piece of paper is a very important keepsake to show proof of an authentic doll sculpt.

Recently I came across a genius idea to create a reborn baby Social Security ID card! I made each of my babies a card with a unique social number and their full names. 🙂 I think it is a cute touch to add with their birth certificates for future framing. I got the idea from Etsy shop, RebornBabyAccsShop. Check them out if you aren’t crafty on your own and want some made for your dolls!

Lovies, Blankies and Toys

A big portion of my keepsakes are blankets and toys for my dolls. I save the small receiving blankets they come home to me in, as well as any stuffed toys. I love the ones I have gotten from Cat Creations in the past. She has given embroidered lovies with her nursery name, or hand crocheted items with my doll babies!

I’ve also had personalized lovies created for my babies as I waited for their arrival home! These blankets were made by Our Adorable Baby shop on Etsy.

Monogrammed Items

Last, but definitely not least, is one of my favorite kind of keepsakes…embroidered monogrammed/personalized items! This can include bibs, hats, or onsies/sleep gowns with your babies name embroidered or appliquéd onto the fabric. When I have a bit more money to splurge, I’d like to get one of these sleep gowns made for each one of my dolls! For now, here are the ones in my keepsake collection for Robyn and Mila.

That’s all I wanted to share today about my reborn baby Keepsakes Collection! What keepsakes do you have or would like to have for your dolls? 🙂


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