Reborn Artistry by Original Valerie

Today I am sharing my opinions and experience about my time working with reborn artist Valerie of IG @originalvalerie If you are not familiar, I purchased reborn baby Mila Raquel from this artist via Ebay auction; my initial interaction with this artist. Late last year, I had the pleasure of working with her for a custom reborn baby of my own.

About The Artist

Valerie, a USA based artist, has been a vinyl reborn doll artist for the past 6-years. She showcases her work and personal collection on Instagram and has sold her dolls via Ebay or directly through message. Her work is well known for the unique babies she enjoys make, like those depicted with Infantile Hemangioma or Congenital Amputation. She uses special techniques of molded clay or artistic drawing skills to show realism and depth to her work.


Communicating with Valerie is relatively easy. She can be reached mainly on Instagram, however I will say she is a very private artist and is selective with her clients. Valerie reached out to me and offered her services when I asked (on IG) for artist recommendations for my next custom reborn baby doll. She is inclined to work with past customers of her work, but may not be open for customs for new clients at the time of this post. I recommend following her on Instagram @originalvalerie for posts in regards to any dolls he may have for sale in the future.

Quality of Work

There is no doubt that Valerie’s work is beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind. I have not owned any dolls in my collection that are so detailed! My favorite part of her painting style is the fine lanugo hairs that she hand draws on her dolls during the reborn process. Her hand drawn details of brows, lashes, and hair are incredible. Blushing and skin details are definitely the highlight of her work.

Time Management & Customer Service

Valerie sets a realistic time frame for her work at 4-6 weeks, depending on her schedule. She posts frequent updates both to her Instagram and though private message, in regards to the making and progress of your doll!

When I wanted to make a change to my order from a painted kit to a full custom (with assembly), Valerie easily accommodated that. She also fulfilled my special request of using my preferred shipping service (Fedex) despite USPS being convenient for her.

Rating: 5/5

No doubt, this artist received a high mark in my book. If you have the opportunity to own one of Valerie’s works or get a custom from her, you’re truly in for a treat.

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