Dollie Details


Acquired: March 2019 42cm (16in.) Tall MSD Size
Girl Type 5 Romantic Body
Resin Color: Brown
Company: LUTS
Kid Delf ‘Muhwa’
Box Opening Video

Character Profile

Yoko Kitagawa

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Location: Blackstone, MA (USA)

Bio: is a studious and soft spoken high school senior. At the head of her class, she excels in most areas, but her favorite is Literature and Creative writing. Her favorite pastimes of reading and writing are what most teenagers deem as “a waste of time”; leaving her pretty solitaire, aside from her study group companions. Yoko chooses to pine away over her favorite fictional characters and live life vicariously through their stories. Amongst the endless rows of library books, Yoko loses herself…or does she find out who she truly is?

Style Profile

Over time, Yoko’s fashion style has evolved from casual sweet Lolita, to a relaxed Mori girl inspired vibe. Soft, muted, earth tones with hints of dusty pink and yellow. Tulle skirts, cotton ruffles, Lacey stockings, barrette hats and bows.