Violet Willow

Diva by nature. Royal by choice.

Major: Digital Media (Photography / Videography)

Fashion Style: Glamour, Luxe, Drama

Every school needs a diva, and Violet was born for the role. She makes sure her style is the star by choosing show-stopping pieces with luxe details and plenty of bling. When she came to Rainbow High, she was already an influencer with hundreds of thousands of fans. Now, she’s filming all the drama inside RH for her followers ’cause everyone is dying for the inside scoop.

Her style ensures that she’s camera ready 24/7. She loves luxe, luxe, and more luxe and she appreciates all the detail that goes into a couture piece so that it stands out from the crowd. Her style tends to be dramatic shapes, eye-catching fabrics and of course, shoes that announce a true star has arrived!