Dollie Details


Acquired: September 2019 62.5cm (16in.) Tall SD Size
Type 3 Boy Body
Resin Color: Normal Skin
Company: LUTS
Senior Delf ‘Loid’
Box Opening Video

Character Profile

Bash Yoshiro

Age: 25

Occupation: Illustrator

Location: Florida, USA

Bio: Sebastian Yoshiro, known by all as Bash, is an introverted homebody and horror film addict. Bash works as a Comic Illustrator, bringing to life story teller’s most chilling characters and bizarre monsters through art. When he isn’t working (can you call watching horror movies “work research’?), he is often found writing and brainstorming stories of his own. Bash is older half-brother to Tobias Edwards. (Oh, so this is where Toby gets his artistic moody attitude from…)

*Bash is an unofficial character of my on-going story and may/may not be mentioned or featured*

Style Profile

Bash generally has a cool, calm and nonchalant attitude. Unlike with life and human interactions, he doesn’t like to over think things when it comes to his wardrobe. He likes the relaxed casual look. Bash enjoys outfit pieces that can be used to go out to the mall or a movie one moment and off to bed the next. The basic couch potato look; with some style. He does have a weakness for nice sneakers, though. Despite being an artist, he rarely has a lot of different colors in his wardrobe pieces. The monochromatic black, gray, and white look with one accent color is usually his go-to.