My journey into trying out other BJD sizes lead me to this girl! Ramona is my first yoSD purchase and I couldn’t be more pleased with her. I was able to adopt this cutie from Den of Angels, second-hand and in mint condition.

Dollie Details


30 cm (12in) Tall YoSD Size
1/6 30 cm Body Resin Color: Normal Skin Company: MYOU Doll
Sculpt: Carol

Character Profile

Age: 9

Occupation: Student

Location: Earth

Bio: Ramona, a whimsical girl with a heart of gold and a head that’s constantly in the clouds. She enjoys exploring nature and using her telescope to gaze at the stars. This girl is in for an adventure as she makes a new friend, Andie, who’s literally out-of-this-world awesome!

Style Profile

Cute girly dresses with Peter-pan collars is Ramona’s favorite thing to wear. Nothing can go wrong when you’re wearing your favorite color…yellow!